Pretense vs. Competence

By Ron Wolforth – 


Since the beginning of man, people have been trying to ‘fake’ things in an attempt to influence, motivate or manipulate situations or other people.

Fake interest. 

Fake sincerity.

Fake capability and proficiency. 

Fake strength.

Fake simplicity. 

Fake honor or integrity.

In 2023, with social media, pretense has now reached epic levels. Today, one must be very careful and discerning. Many things are NOT what they are advertised as. As my grandmother used to say to me, “Ronnie, everything that glitters is not gold.”

I recently watched a video sent to my email of a marketing piece from an Academy selling their pitching developmental class. I actually thought it was quite good. I was impressed. I had never met these people, but they had obviously studied the Ranch. 

It used all the right words:

– Personalized and Individualized throwing and strength progressions
– Arm Care protocols
– Velocity Enhancement
– Next Generation programming
– The Latest Techniques
– High Speed video assessment


It showcased all the right tools:

– Water Bags
– Shoulder Tubes
– Connection Balls
– Pitch Tracking technology

Maybe these guys really get it? 

Maybe.  I sincerely and genuinely hope so for the sake of those athletes choosing to attend.

I see eerily similar posts all the time these days. 

You can’t blame these people really. They are simply copying what they think is successful.

They know what is fashionable, trendy and what sells. 

However, we all realize that just because I have a stethoscope and a blood pressure monitor, that certainly doesn’t make me a doctor. 

Just because I talk intelligently about calories, carbs, fats and protein and I understand the basics of intermittent fasting, it doesn’t make be a dietitian.

To be completely fair, just because you are not a doctor or dietitian doesn’t mean your advice in these areas is therefore automatically counterfeit, wrong, mistaken or inappropriate. Since almost the beginning of man, people have had to discern the difference between pretense and expertise and between knowledge and wisdom.

As the old saying goes… ‘knowledge’ is that a tomato is a fruit… ‘wisdom’ is not putting a tomato into a fruit salad. 

Common sense is not common and there will always be more pretenders out there than there are true difference makers.  

Now let’s extrapolate that concept into the area of teaching or learning a skill.

Cicero, in 51 BC wrote: “
Not only is there an art in knowing a thing, but also a certain art in teaching it.

Cicero was 100% correct in my opinion and puts his finger directly on the problem.  More and more people are beginning to ‘KNOW’ things. Which is really great. It truly is. But that doesn’t mean they know how to teach it or most importantly, how to get it to transfer to the game.  

As the Wizard said in the classic
The Wizard of OZ, “That my friends, is a horse of another color.” 

In all my travels, less than 20% of the people who claim to know about and utilize tools such as the connection ball, the connection club, the Durathro™ sock or the shoulder tube are using it anywhere close to its capability, let alone actually have the tools create the transfer impact we are truly desiring. 

When it comes to philosophy and implementation, one rarely can fake it until they make it. 

Teaching requires skill, awareness, competence and attention to detail.

Maybe SOME day a few of these places will become true hotbeds of skill development, arm health, durability and creating the elite competitor, but today, a vast majority of these places will have to suffice at pretending. 


Don’t be the player that knows just enough to be dangerous.

Don’t be the athlete who can talk a good talk but can’t walk the walk.

Don’t be the coach who has all the fashionable tools but is not expert in using them. 

If you are a serious student, you cannot be satisfied with pretending that you know. 

If something REALLY matters to you, make certain you are becoming truly competent in that area and NOT simply pretending to be competent. 

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