By Isaiah Trevino – 


The Texas Rangers vs the Arizona Diamondbacks… Just as everybody predicted back at the beginning of the season in March. 


If you couldn’t tell that was sarcasm, then you must not have been keeping up with baseball since the beginning of the year. Both the Diamondbacks and the Rangers were ranked much closer to the bottom than they were to the top in their respective leagues, and yet they’re the last two teams still playing in October and November. There weren’t many people who believed in them. I’m sure even some of their fans didn’t really believe this could happen until maybe just a month or two ago. So, why am I saying this? Because it’s a great underdog story for both teams, and for it to happen in the same year is simply amazing.


Now, whoever is reading this may also be an underdog or might be on an underdog team themselves. The odds may be stacked against you personally. You might have a handful of people on your side, but seeing other underdog stories should give you hope. If you look deeper into this World Series, there are a lot of underdogs individually on each team as well. I don’t see why any of those underdog stories can’t be you, but it all starts with a work ethic and a belief in yourself. 


Whether you’re entering high school, exiting high school, or entering college, going in with a chip on your shoulder and an underdog mentality can be a big help if used correctly. With the right people in your corner, an unparalleled work ethic, and a strong belief in yourself, you can achieve what others deem impossible.


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