Youth Elite Pitcher's Boot Camp


October 16th 2021 - October 17th 2021    
12:00 am

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October 14 & 15, 2023

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This is our Prominent Elite Pitchers Bootcamp especially formatted for the 8-12 year old pitcher. This 2 day camp, held one time per year will give you the benefits of our 3 day Elite Pitchers Bootcamp but in a smaller setting geared specifically for the youth pitcher. 

Because of the specific needs of this age group, we limit the number of attendees to ONLY 24 players.


During the camp, we will give you 5 essential training pieces that you can utilize when you get home.

#1. Learn and go through basic mobility/flexibility and movement exercises that will help develop each athlete to become a more dynamic and athletic mover.

#2. Learn and go through basic functional strength programs that will help develop each athlete to become a more dynamic and athletic mover.

#3. Learn and go through an ideal arm care and wake-up/ warm-up process for both training and games.

#4. Learn and go through 5 different throwing blends that will help develop arm health/durability, velocity, command and consistency.

#5. Have your velocity radared and then Coach Wolforth will sit down with everyone and explain where you are currently with your skill and ability level.

At the camp:

  • each player will receive a camp manual
  • each player will receive a Ranch backpack with equipment
  • each player will receive personal assessments including a high speed video analysis with Coach Wolforth
  • each player will receive a BRAT (Baseball Ranch Assessment Tool) structural and m movement analysis
  • each player will experience the one of a kind Ranch Mindset presentations

PLUS you will learn how to properly perform the throwing drills in the prescribed throwing program which are vital for long term health and durability.

All these things combined will give us the information we need to customize your plan for when you return home.

Over and over again, we have parents of older players tell us “We wish we would have gotten our son to you sooner.”

If you’ve got a young man or know of one between the ages 8-12 that truly enjoys baseball and thinks he might want to be a pitcher, we highly encourage you to bring him to The Texas Baseball Ranch® on October 14 & 15, 2023.

The Youth camp is regularly $2299.  If you register by July 31st you’ll receive a $300 “Early Bird” savings bringing your registration fee to $1999.  (You can also split the camp fee into three equal payments if you prefer.)

Sold Out!

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For more information or any questions, email
or call (936) 588-6762


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