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Here at The Texas Baseball Ranch®,
The Focus is On

The Individual Athlete

More Than 451 Pitchers Have Broken 90MPH at the Ranch

So, yes...we can help you throw harder.

And get noticed by coaches and scouts.

But our program goes wayyyyy beyond velocity...

  • Got arm pain? Now you can throw pain-free
  • Struggling with control? Now you can command the strike zone
  • Want better secondary pitches? Now your off-speed stuff can get strikeouts
How to Be a Better Pitcher -
What's the Secret?

It starts with the fact that the Elite Pitcher's Boot Camp is different from other baseball camps you've seen before.

You see, at The Ranch, we work with you as the unique athlete you are.

You never get lost in the crowd. Your training is never a "one size fits all."

Learn more about this below ...

All you need to become a great pitcher is the right information, the right training and the right work ethic!

The Top 6 Things You Must Get Right!

  • Arm Health and Durability
  • Throw Secondary pitches for strikes
  • Throw 2-5 mph faster than your Competitive Peers
  • Recovery and Consistency
  • Mental Resilience and Tenacity
  • Integrity and Reliability
Hello, I'm Coach Ron Wolforth.

With over 121 of my students drafted in the past 7 years, I have learned something that changed my life (and the lives of the pitchers I coach).

I have learned that in order to get Life-Changing Results, you have to think outside the box and do things a little differently. This is why I invented the Durathro System and designed the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp to be a completely different type of training experience.

Here at the Texas Baseball Ranch, the focus is on the individual athlete.

“I can adapt, adjust and overcome when I understand where I am NOW”

Imagine How Good You’d Get If…

…You Just Found The Best Program In The World!

To appreciate the incredible power of the Durathro system you’ll need to grasp the 4 basic tenets it is founded upon:

  1. Paradigms matter. An incorrect or incomplete paradigm can bring growth and development to a screeching halt while the right one can accelerate the learning 10 fold.
  2. The Hyper-Personalization of Programingis Far Superior to the standard ‘One Size Fits All Program.
  3. When it comes to motor skills like pitching a baseball, he Bernstein Principle, the central nervous system and motor learning RULE.
  4. Assessments and Awareness are key. Knowing EXACTLY where you are now is absolutely invaluable in designing the right path forward.


Just Throw Better, Harder, Faster and Be A Better Athlete

1How To Get More Power

  1. Develop a healthy, durable arm. (Most of the population has very little clue on how to do this and the conventional wisdom is horrible in this regard, this is one major reason arm injuries are at an epidemic proportion)
  2. Develop a connected, efficient movement pattern. (Sounds simple but without a plan a vast majority of pitchers, even at the professional levels, are disconnected to some degree.)
  3. Build a bigger motor. (Develop skill specific strength, specific to throwing a baseball, not powerlifting, body building or football strength.)
  4. Train neuromuscular firing by utilizing the under load / overload concept.
  5. Understand the Bernstein Principle and the critical nature of ‘Intent’. Maybe nothing is more important to velocity development than understanding these two concepts and how to apply them in your training.
  6. Objectively measure everything you can from your warm up to your recovery.
  7. Regular check ups and assessments to make certain you are on track.

Alan Jaeger

“What a golden opportunity it would be for any pitcher to get this kind of quality instruction. I am jealous! I want to be a student at the camp!”

Trevor Bauer

“The information provided opened the door to a path that has transformed my career and allowed me to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a professional baseball player.”

Elite Pitchers Boot Camp

“The most beneficial thing was the evaluation of my son’s pitching, being video-taped, dissecting it, and then being told how to fix it. If there’s a family considering attend an Elite Pitchers Boot Camp I would say DO IT!

2How To Stay Injury Free

YOU Are Your Own, Unique Athlete!

The true genius behind The Elite Pitchers Boot camp is our personal approach.

  • Do not ignore it or minimize it ANY pain or discomfort because there indeed is a reason for it.
  • Have a personalized and specific plan for the off season, preseason and in season because rest is not a plan.
  • Systematically prepare the soft tissue of the shoulder and elbow because rest is not preparation.
  • Develop strength in the prime movers so that the load will not be primarily dependent upon the arm, elbow or shoulder.
  • Create strength balance, structural alignment and physical symmetry because the body works as a synchronized unit.
  • Eliminate / reduce mechanical inefficiencies and disconnections.
  • Have a personalized and specific plan warm-up process.
  • Have a personalized and specific plan recovery process.
  • Monitor your sleep, your nutrition and hydration, all affect your ability to recover.
  • Create a competent team around you who know you, your goals, your workload and your constraints.

Tina Starks

“WE have done a lot of camps and clinics over the years and I feel my son is leaving with more knowledge in three days than we have gotten in three years, it is a direct reflection on the coaches at this camp"

Corey Popham

“My eyes were opened to a totally different and more efficient way to approach pitching.”

William Newton

“Get ready to change the way you think and pitch. Come with an open mind and be willing to try everything.”

3Program Itinerary

Day 1

You Will Cover

  1. Welcome
  2. Opening Presentation
  3. Wake-up / Warm-Up
  4. Videotape from 3 different angles
  5. Upper Half Presentation
  6. Rotations #1 & #2
    • Video Analysis (Upper Body)
    • Throwing Drills - part 1
    • Baseball Ranch Movement Assessment (aka BRAT)
    • Secondary Pitches (Data Collection/Curveball)
  7. Recap & Close

Day 2

You Will Cover

  1. Pictures
  2. Durathro™ Presentation
  3. Mindset #1
  4. Wake-up / Warm-up
  5. Rotations #3 & #4
    • Video Analysis (Upper Body)
    • Throwing Drills - part 1
    • Baseball Ranch Movement Assessment (aka BRAT)
    • Secondary Pitches (Data Collection/Curveball)
  6. Rotations #5
    • Video Analysis (Lower Body)
    • Throwing Drills - part 2
    • Baseball Ranch Movement Assessment (Corrective Exercises)
    • Secondary Pitches (Slider & Change Up)
  7. Lower Half Presentation
  8. Lunch (on your own)
  9. Rotations #6 - #8
    • Video Analysis (Lower Body)
    • Throwing Drills - part 2
    • Baseball Ranch Movement Assessment (Corrective Exercises)
    • Secondary Pitches (Slider & Change Up)
  10. Recovery Presentation
  11. Parent's Meeting
  12. Throwing Demonstration
  13. Close

Day 3

You Will Cover

  1. "Understanding Data" Presentation
  2. Mindset #2
  3. Wake-up / Warm-Up
  4. Rotations #9 & #10
    • Strength & Conditioning 1 - Sparta
    • Strength & Conditioning 2 - Med Ball Series
  5. Mylenation Presentation
  6. Arm Care
  7. Parent Q&A
  8. Throwing Blend Rotations
  9. Radar Readings
  10. Velocity Record Recognition
  11. Mindset #3
  12. Closing Presentation
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See for yourself exactly how the Texas Baseball Ranch's Elite Pitcher's Boot Camp is different from all other pitching camps in the world.

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