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Here at The Texas Baseball Ranch®,
The Focus is On

The Individual Athlete

More Than 451 Pitchers Have Broken 90MPH at the Ranch

So, yes...we can help you throw harder.

And get noticed by coaches and scouts.

But our program goes wayyyyy beyond velocity...

  • Got arm pain? Now you can throw pain-free
  • Struggling with control? Now you can command the strike zone
  • Want better secondary pitches? Now your off-speed stuff can get strikeouts
How to Be a Better Pitcher -
What's the Secret?

It starts with the fact that the Elite Pitcher's Boot Camp is different from other baseball camps you've seen before.

You see, at The Ranch, we work with you as the unique athlete you are.

You never get lost in the crowd. Your training is never a "one size fits all."

Learn more about this below ...

Imagine How Good You’ll Get Because You Just Found The Best Program in the World

MLB Pitchers and Coaches Agree
There's No Place Like the Ranch!!

Hundreds of pitchers come from around the world to The Ranch every year.

One reason? No other place on earth has developed more 90 mph pitchers since 2003. More than 461 Ranch pitchers have broken the 90 mph barrier... over 157 have broken 94 mph... and 28 have topped 100 mph!

And over 122 of our students have been drafted by Major League Baseball.

Just think about those numbers!

  • 461 of our pitchers over 90 mph
  • 157 over 94 mph
  • 28 over 100 mph
This doesn't happen by accident!

It's the "Ranch Secret Sauce" and it's centered around a "Constraint Led Approach to Skill Development."

We follow a unique, proven process with 4 very specific steps:

  1. Assess: We thoroughly assess you as the individual athlete you are
  2. Categorize: We put you in the best category to address your needs
  3. Customize: We customize your program to maximize your progress, and...
  4. Prioritize: We give you a personal plan to focus on what matters for YOU, right now

Just like your family doctor, we examine you, then we prescribe.

Anything else is malpractice.


“The information provided opened the door to a path that has transformed my career and allowed me to achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a professional baseball player.”
- Trevor Bauer; MLB Pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cy Young Award Winner

"Ron develops velocity, but it's much more than that. He promotes arm health, control, command. He's also an excellent communicator, with a unique way of encapsulating information and making it usable."
- Brent Strom; Houston Astros Pitching Coach

"If I were still coaching baseball and I had pitchers who either threw a lot of innings and needed to build a bigger motor or did not throw a lot but needed to improve to compete, I'd definitely send them to Ron at the Texas Baseball Ranch."
- Jerry Weinstein; Colorado Rockies

“What a golden opportunity it would be for any pitcher to get this kind of quality instruction. I am jealous! I want to be a student at the camp!”
- Alan Jaeger of Jaeger Sports Academy and Trainer to Barry Zito & Mike Lieberthal

“The video analysis was wonderful but the breakdown of what was seen on video was superb. My son has been a technically sound pitcher, but the minor tweaks to his hips torque are what has really helped his velo. He now can “feel” what he needs during throwing motion. He can also self-diagnose what his body is doing when he loses velo or misses the strike zone.”
- Jubel Reed; parent of Josh Reed from Midland, TX

“The Texas Baseball Ranch is great for any pitcher seeking velocity, command and arm care. They will break down into every piece of your mechanics and make you a personalized plan. The most helpful parts of the camp were when Ron went through every possible disconnection in your wind up and coach Tompson’s drill instruction and explanations. The camp was amazing and very much worth the time and money. The thing is, you have to PUT IN THE WORK. Then you will see results. Thank you to Coach Ron and the TBR staff!”
- Noah Laney; Player from Poquoson, VA

All You Need to Become a Great Pitcher is the Right Information, the Right Training and the Right Work Ethic!


Day 1

Check in at 12:30pm. Start at 1:00pm. Finish at 6:00pm.

You Will Cover

  1. Welcome
  2. Opening Presentation
  3. Wake-Up / Warm-Up
  4. Videotape from 3 different angles
  5. Upper Half Presentation
  6. Rotations #1 & #2
    • Video Analysis (Upper Body)
    • Throwing Drills - part 1
    • Baseball Ranch Movement Assessment
      • (aka BRAT)
    • Secondary Pitches
      • (Data Collection & Curveball)
  7. Recap & Close
Day 2

Start at 8:30am. Finish at 7:00pm.

You Will Cover

  1. Pictures
  2. Durathro™ Presentation
  3. Mindset #1
  4. Wake-Up / Warm-Up
  5. Upper Half Presentation
  6. Rotations #3 & #4
    • Video Analysis (Upper Body)
    • Throwing Drills - part 1
    • BRAT
    • Secondary Pitches
      • (Data Collection & Curveball)
  7. Rotations #5
    • Video Analysis (Lower Body)
    • Throwing Drills - part 2
    • Baseball Ranch Movement Assessment
      • (Corrective Exercises)
    • Secondary Pitches
      • (Slider & Change Up)
Day 2 (Cont.)

You Will Cover

  1. Lower Half Presentation
  2. Lunch (on your own)
  3. Rotations #6 - #8
    • Video Analysis (Lower Body)
    • Throwing Drills - part 2
    • Baseball Ranch Movement Assessment
      • (Corrective Exercises)
    • Secondary Pitches
      • (Slider & Change Up)
  4. Recovery Presentation
  5. Parent's Meeting
  6. Throwing Demonstration
  7. Close
Day 3

Start at 8:30am. Finish at 2:30pm.

You Will Cover

  1. "Understanding Data" Presentation
  2. Mindset #2
  3. Wake-Up / Warm-Up
  4. Rotations #9 & #10
    • Strength & Conditioning - Building the Athletic Pitcher
  5. Mylenation Presentation
  6. Arm Care
  7. Parent Q&A
  8. Throwing Blend Rotations
  9. Radar Readings
  10. Velocity Record Recognition
  11. Mindset #3
  12. Closing Presentation


You Are Your Own, UNIQUE Athlete!

The true genius behind The Elite Pitchers Boot Camp is our PERSONAL approach.

How to Throw Harder
  • Develop a healthy, durable arm. (Most of the population has very little clue on how to do this and the conventional wisdom is horrible in this regard, this is one major reason arm injuries are at an epidemic proportion)
  • Develop a connected, efficient movement pattern. (Sounds simple but without a plan a vast majority of pitchers, even at the professional levels, are disconnected to some degree.)
  • Build a bigger motor. (Develop skill specific strength, specific to throwing a baseball, not powerlifting, body building or football strength.)
  • Train neuromuscular firing by utilizing the under load / overload concept.
  • Understand the Bernstein Principle and the critical nature of ‘Intent’. Maybe nothing is more important to velocity development than understanding these two concepts and how to apply them in your training.
  • Objectively measure everything you can from your warm up to your recovery.
  • Regular check ups and assessments to make certain you are on track.
How to Have a Healthy & Durable Arm
  • Do not ignore it or minimize it ANY pain or discomfort because there indeed is a reason for it.
  • Have a personalized and specific plan for the off season, preseason and in season because rest is not a plan.
  • Systematically prepare the soft tissue of the shoulder and elbow because rest is not preparation.
  • Develop strength in the prime movers so that the load will not be primarily dependent upon the arm, elbow or shoulder.
  • Create strength balance, structural alignment and physical symmetry because the body works as a synchronized unit.
  • Eliminate / reduce mechanical inefficiencies and disconnections.
  • Have a personalized and specific plan warm-up process.
  • Have a personalized and specific plan recovery process.
  • Monitor your sleep, your nutrition and hydration, all affect your ability to recover.
  • Create a competent team around you who know you, your goals, your workload and your constraints.

Texas Baseball Ranch Availability

"Come Join Our Ranch Family"

Texas Baseball Ranch Availability
Upcoming Camps Availability
May 25-27 (Sat-Mon) Memorial Day SOLD OUT
June 7-9 (Fri-Sun) AVAILABLE
June 21-23 (Fri-Sun) AVAILABLE
July 5-7 (Fri-Sun) AVAILABLE
July 19-21 (Fri-Sun) AVAILABLE
August 2-4 (Fri-Sun) AVAILABLE
August 31-September 2nd (Sat-Mon) Labor Day AVAILABLE

See for yourself exactly how the Texas Baseball Ranch's Elite Pitcher's Boot Camp is different from all other pitching camps in the world.

To discover how to take your pitching to the next level, request your Free "Information Package" with DVD and flash drive today. They will be rushed to you by U.S. Mail at no cost!


Lock In Your Progress with Tools and Support (Over $350 in Free Stuff)

Essentials #1:
Your 30 Day Personalized Plan

After we analyze your pitching motion at the Ranch, we build you a hyper-personalized plan to get better!

We assess your body, its strengths and limitations. We capture your delivery on high-speed camera from multiple angles. We train you to become connected and in synch. Then we help you create a hyper-personalized plan to follow in the first month after you get home.

There is no cookie-cutter approach at the Texas Baseball Ranch®; no one-size-fits-all. You are unique and we treat you that way. We'll help determine what specifically you need to work on and then provide you the tools and training to maximize your performance.

Essentials #2:
The Durathro™ System

As my gift to you, I’m including a FREE 30-Day trial of Durathro™ Online Video Support and Video Coaching.

It’s just like a pro training program. Every drill, exercise, routine and explanation at the Ranch is videotaped for you. Then we put the videos online for you to see.

Why does this matter? Because it’s not just doing an exercise that makes you better, it’s how you do it.

The pro pitchers I have worked with — Trevor Bauer, Tyson Ross, Erik Johnson, CJ Wilson, Barry Zito, Scott Kazmir and Justin Verlander — are all huge “video” guys. They know that, if you want to be a horse on the mound, you have to know your delivery backwards and forwards.

When you’re at the Ranch, you’ll discover exactly how Durathro can become your new secret weapon!

Essentials #3:
TBR Connection Ball

Did you know? We invented connection ball training at the Ranch, in 2010.

Here’s why: More than 95% of pitching instructors try to improve mechanical efficiency with a cookie-cutter method, forcing you to fit their model of movement. But all that does is reinforce your flaws … and make you a “more-efficient” bad pitcher. That’s insanity!

Essentials #4:
Two TBR Weighted Balls

Forget what you may have heard about weighted balls. For more than 15 years, the Ranch has used them in over 150 training programs with nearly 10,000 pitchers. Used correctly they can unlock your potential and help you break the 90 mph barrier. Used incorrectly, they can wreck your am.

You’ll get the real story on how to safely boost your velo and your command with weighted balls. And we’ll send you home with an overload and underload ball.

Essentials #5:
TBR Durathro™ Sock

Here’s the final tool, which we co-invented with a renowned physical therapist. The Durathro™ Sock protects your arm and naturally develops sound movement patterns.

Use it in warm-ups and to build strength. It lets you get your throwing work in — anywhere, anytime, in any weather. It could be the biggest pitching breakthrough since the slider! And you’ll go home with one from the Ranch.

Still with me? Great.

If you’ve got the dedication and desire to become an unstoppable pitcher, my Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp will give you everything you need to reach your goals. And …

You’re Protected By My Risk-Free “Texas-Size” Money-Back Guarantee

It’s simple: Come to the Texas Baseball Ranch. Put us to the test. Stay the entire first day. Absorb all the coaching, the personal attention, the fun, the whole TBR experience.

If, by 12:00 noon on the second day, you aren’t delighted with the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp for any reason — or no reason — just let us know. Your ticket will be cheerfully and immediately refunded. No questions asked. No hassles either. And we’ve never had to refund a pitcher. Ever.

The only catch? Space at our next Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp is strictly limited to the first 32 pitchers who apply and are accepted. That’s to make sure every athlete gets the same amount of “hyper-personalized” individual training that we’re famous for.

Once we hit our limit of 32 applications, the doors slam shut and you’ll have to apply for the next Boot Camp … if there’s room.

If you’ve got a love of baseball and pitching … a burning desire to improve … and you’re not afraid of hard work, you’re a great candidate for The Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp. We’d love to have you aboard.

One more thing. If you live nearby or you’re visiting Texas, please stop by the Ranch and say hello in person! You’ll find us at:

5451 Honea-Egypt Rd.
Montgomery, TX 77316.

Please respond today. You’ll be glad you did.

See YOU at the Ranch!

Coach Ron Wolforth

The Texas Baseball Ranch

If you’re a returning Ranch pitcher, CALL US for your special ALUMNI SAVINGS

Got questions? Call 936-588-6762 anytime.

At The Texas Baseball Ranch®...

  1. Paradigms matter. An incorrect or incomplete paradigm can bring growth and development to a screeching halt while the right one can accelerate the learning 10 fold.
  2. The Hyper-Personalization of Programing is Far Superior to the standard One Size Fits All Program.
  3. When it comes to motor skills like pitching a baseball, the Bernstein Principle, the central nervous system and motor learning RULE.
  4. Assessments and Awareness are key. Knowing EXACTLY where you are now is absolutely invaluable in designing the right path forward.

Lots of pro scouts will look you right in the eye and tell you that velocity can NOT be taught.
"You either have it or you don't," they say.
But what they really mean is THEY can't teach velocity.
At the Texas Baseball Ranch®
we teach velocity every single day.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your son can throw 2 pitches from his delivery, then he needs to be here. Most people come to the Ranch to improve velocity. We understand that and we’re really good at it, but we are also world class at improving arm health and durability. With that being said, we have protocols in place to allow a young man with arm issues to maximize the throwing stations during the camp. As long as he’s not under a doctor’s orders to not throw, The Texas Baseball Ranch® is exactly the place he needs to be if he’s having some arm issues. If you want to discuss your particular situation, please give us a call. We are here to help guide you in making the best decision for your son.