A Slap to the Face

By Jill E Wolforth-


Over the years, I’ve written various articles on the topic of perspective.  I’ve also shared many personal stories that I believe related to and often provided insight and guidance to our Ranch Family.  In this week’s article, I’m going to do a little of both, share a story and hopefully provide some perspective.


In today’s baseball arena, there are so many opportunities for playing and for many it often starts at a very young age.  With playing comes competition and with competition comes the ups and downs of success and failure.


As parents we often hang on the edge of our athlete’s performance. Coach Wolforth has said numerous times, “There’s probably nothing more difficult than being the mother of a baseball pitcher, especially when he’s frequently at 3-2 counts.”  :)


We feel our child’s frustration when they struggle.  We have a sense of unease, sometimes irritation when they don’t perform to their capabilities.


I believe instilling a strong work ethic is a good thing.  I believe competition, challenge and high expectations are good things.  Yet, so is perspective.


As most people affiliated with The Ranch know, our son, Garrett, is a professional baseball player.  His team will play 120 games this season and he will play in over half those games.  Since his games aren’t on TV, we either view them on GameDay or, in many cases, simply look up the box score.


There have been times this year where he had multiple strikeouts in a game.  Seeing that would create that irritation I referenced earlier and on occasion that feeling would linger with me for an extended period of time.  I imagine there are some, possibly many, parents who can relate.


With that in mind, this past week I was slapped in the face with some real perspective.


When I heard the news of 13 members of the military being killed in Afghanistan, my heart sank.  It was mentioned these young people ranged in age from 20-31 with the majority of them under the age of 23, Garrett’s age.  On Sunday, I watched as these young servicemen and women’s caskets were delivered back to American soil at Dover Air Base.  It was a touching reminder of the blessing of life.


Later that day, Garrett played in a game in which he struck out twice.  Of course, I didn’t like it, but my internal response was so very, very different as I thought of the families whose sons and daughters weren’t ever going to be home again.


Yes, high expectations are good. So is perspective!


My prayers go out to the families of these 13 service personnel as well as the families of those who serve today and have served in the past.  My family and I are forever grateful for their service and their sacrifices.


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