You Can’t Be Everything to Everyone

By Jill Wolforth-


During our final boot camp this past Labor Day weekend, I had some very interesting conversations with several different parents.


One father shared with me that he had first seen the TBR staff a few years ago at the national baseball convention, had followed us since that time and finally brought his son to The Ranch.  He told me how he really enjoyed the weekly emails and other motivational things we send out.


Any time you receive a compliment like that, it’s very gratifying.  However, I realize when these weekly articles (written by the various TBR staff members) go out, they won’t resonate with everyone.  And that’s okay because we know you can’t be everything to everyone.


Another parent mentioned to me that he had searched and followed several different pitching coaches/training facilities and one of the things that separated TBR, in his mind, was our positive approach and the fact that we didn’t seem to get involved in the negative banter on social media.


I told him that time is too valuable to be spending it trying to make someone else look or sound bad.  It’s challenging enough to keep things at The Ranch constantly improving and running smoothly.  We view TBR as a family-friendly environment.  For example, players at The Ranch aren’t allowed to play music over the speakers (or where it can be heard by others) if it contains foul language.  To some that’s going overboard.  It’s okay to have that opinion.  We know you can’t be everything to everyone.


Then there was the comment about how the TBR coaches are all different but how each one of them has a way of simplifying the information so that even a “mom” can understand it.  This parent commented that there’s a lot of confusing information out there and a lot of instructors using technical words that can only be understood by someone who took anatomy.  


I do think the one thing that has always separated Coach Wolforth, and in turn what makes the TBR staff so special, is the ability to practically apply pitching information, particularly for amateur players and their parents.


With the sharing of these thoughts this weekend, it really struck me that in whatever you do, find what fits and works for you, your family and/or your business.  Don’t allow someone else to set that tone.  Don’t do something just because someone else does it… unless it’s really you.  You can’t be everything to everyone NOR do you want to!


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