Stop Asking This Question

By Jonathan Massey-


“How many throws do I need to make…”  You can finish that sentence in a lot of different ways, but the premise is pretty much the same.  How many throws will it take for me to accomplish X?


Honestly when someone asks me that question, it takes everything I have not to leap across the table to strangle them.  I have that visceral of a reaction.  I know that you have good intentions when asking, so let me explain… it disrespects the complexity of the task at hand.  Changing a movement pattern is incredibly difficult.  Becoming an elite level thrower is incredibly difficult.

Coach Wolforth often gives the example of a Swiss watch which is amazingly complex as you can see in the picture above, although not nearly as complex as human movement.  Yet we think doing 15 throws of a certain drill for a month is always going to correct an inefficient movement pattern, or “I’ve worked my velocity for 2 months, so I should be throwing 5-6 mph harder.”  How I wish it was that simple or easy!  Human movements are extremely complex, and it varies from person to person.  For example, two players who start with an 8 on forearm flyout (based on our video analysis) can do the exact same program for the exact same amount of time, yet one might be able to reduce it to a 2 and the other only to a 6.  I know that sounds unfair, but that’s life.  Sometimes you are going to have to work at the same task longer than someone else to accomplish the same goal.


I’ll leave you with this thought…


If there was a test that guaranteed you a million dollars if you aced it, would you ask how many hours you needed to study or would you just study until you knew the material so well that you knew the moment you walked in for the test you were going to ace it?


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