Are Three Days Enough?

By Samantha Parrish-


A comment I hear often when visiting with people about our Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camps is, “I don’t think three days is going to be enough”.  To an extent they are right, three days by themselves are not going to yield the results that most are working towards.


The majority of people in the world have goals; they have things they want to do, weight they want to lose or money they want to make, but they don’t really go much deeper than those initial thoughts.  We have talked previously about having SMART goals so I won’t get into that, but I like to work it backwards… where am I trying to get to?


Not just throw harder but how hard?

Not just throw more strikes but what percentage?

Not just add more pitches but which pitches?



At every Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp we have a mindset presentation.  Mindset is a critical component in our training.  It’s a critical component to life.  Let’s cut through all of the doubt and boldly set a goal.  The Ranch motto is “A place where you can dream as big as your work ethic will allow.”  We want guys to set their sights on what they really want to do and achieve rather than being held back by the often limiting thoughts of others.


So you have your goal, now we are going to take it all the way back to the present.  Where are you now?  Coach Wolforth often says, “Awareness in itself is curative.”  How do we know what path to take if we don’t even know where we are currently?  


Often we let fear or shame keep us from truly assessing ourselves.  Sometimes we don’t want to acknowledge where we are currently because it can hurt and/or it can be embarrassing.   With that said, it’s important to remember “it doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you finish.”


Over the course of the three days athlete’s spend at a bootcamp, they go through a series of individualized assessments.  Sometimes we give guys new goals they didn’t know they needed… like mobility.  They get assessed with our coaches so they can find out exactly where they stand right now, not just in pitching but in many facets of their development.


Then the work begins.  After players know their goals and know where they are now, we can work together building a plan to bridge that gap.  A side bonus that I love about this phase of camp is that our coaches are really trying to get players to take ownership of their “craft”.   They are trying to show them ways to be faster, stronger and to feel better.  It’s really awesome to see a player when he gets the passion and fire in his eyes because he knows he has the power to change.  


What most people don’t realize is, while the Ranch is hard work, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Players leave camp with a plan and it is up to them to get to work on what they have learned.  That work takes way more than three days.  Honestly, that’s why many players come back to the Ranch because there is always more work to be done. The information we give players is to be carried with them, for them to execute.


The model for our 3-Day Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp has been tweaked and improved on many, many, many times (take it from the one that used to put together all of the notebooks!) and I can honestly say this is the best it has ever been.  I find myself using this training model in my home all the time. I recently sat down and wrote out my goals, did assessments and wrote workout progressions to bridge the gap. I sat down with my oldest daughter, we wrote out some traits she felt she wanted to possess as an adult (or older kid), we wrote down where she could improve on what she currently does to walk that path.  You can apply these principles to most goals.


While three days at the Ranch may not be enough to see physical changes in your athlete, I can tell you I have had hundreds of parents write to me talking about the mental changes they saw in their son as early as the car ride home!  We want to put the power back in your athlete’s hands, we want to equip him with the knowledge that he can “dream as big as his work ethic will allow”.

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