Why We Do What We Do – Part 1

By Jill E. Wolforth-


When it comes to writing a blog article, or any article for that matter, the words on the paper can really make a difference.  A well written piece, on any subject, can have a significant impact on the reader.  It can provide information that enhances a person’s knowledge.  It can move people to take action.  It can raise awareness.  It can open a person’s eyes to brand new things and opportunities.  It can produce discussion, debate and change.


Yet, sometimes very few words are needed to have an impact.


Recently, we received the following note and video from a Ranch student:


“I wanted to give the Ranch an update on my status.  I attended an EPBC on June 15, 2015.  At the camp, I was low 70’s on the mound.  I was desperate to throw harder so I went all in.


A few weeks ago, I touched 90 for the first time.  I made a video showing my progress throughout the years, and I’d love to share it with everyone at the ranch.  I can’t thank everyone at TBR enough.”


Best Regards,

Kyle Sisco


Click below to watch the video “Road to 90” that Kyle shared.  


The actions speak for themselves.  The commitment is evident.  The success is earned and the emotion is touching.  Few words are needed.  


This is exactly why we do what we do!


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