Everything Happens for a Reason

By Samantha Parrish-


Recently someone I love very much has been going through a tough time.  I had hoped that by the time it was my turn to write the weekly blog we would have some good news but that is not always how life works.  We are in the trenches of this and my emotions are very strong/fresh.  I hope you can relate to what I am feeling below.


Most of us, myself included, when someone we know is going through a tough time will tell them, “Everything happens for a reason”.  We do this as a way to reassure them that it will all be ok.  I found myself struggling with what to say to a loved one recently as he dealt with disappointment.  As soon as that normal statement crossed my mind it angered me.  Here is one of the best people I know, going through something that absolutely stinks.   What could be the reason?  There is no why- there is no rationale to it.  I found that initially, I couldn’t say to him, “Everything happens for a reason,” because I wasn’t sure it was true until I realized… the power lies in us to make everything happen for a reason.


We have to take that situation and let that be the tipping point.  Things don’t happen for a reason if you don’t step up and keep pushing even when it seems like there is no reason to.  Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school basketball team wouldn’t have meant a thing (to his basketball career) if he quit that day.  What he did instead, was decide that he never wanted to feel that way again and he got to work.


Sometimes things just suck.  We can sit around and complain about how ‘unfair’ life is and the people in it, or we can do something about it. One of my favorite quotes used at the Ranch is, “Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You.”  You may not have the power to control what is happening to you in your life at this moment, whether that is baseball or otherwise, but you can control what happens next.


If something is painful, don’t let that pain be wasted- decide today to make a change.  Decide today that you are a force to be reckoned with. Decide today that you are going to work so hard that they will look foolish for cutting you, or not playing you, or not believing in you.  Decide today… you can do it.


One of the reasons I love the Texas Baseball Ranch® so much is because we are a place that believes in you even when it feels like no one else does.  If you need that support and guidance in your training or your life, get here!  We’re always here.  Decide today that someone else doesn’t control your future, only you do.  Make that crappy thing in your life be the catalyst for change, let it be the “reason” behind your drive.



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