Is Good Enough Really Good Enough

By Jonathan Massey:


One phrase I hear a lot of is, “That guy is X enough.” You can fill in the blank:


Strong enough

Mobile enough

Fast enough

Throws hard enough


When someone says that phrase, it’s like nails on a chalk board to my ears.


Now please don’t misunderstand, if you can squat the house but only throw 82… I don’t think you should continue to spend 2 hours a day at the gym.  Or if you are throwing 95+ mph… I don’t think you need to push the envelope as frequently as someone who is 2-5mph below their peer group.


But that doesn’t mean they should stop working on it altogether.


Human tissue is incredibly adaptable when given the right stimulus as proven by the SAID Principle and Wolfe’s Law.  So, when given the right stimulus, at the right frequency, for the right duration, the human body will adapt.  That is great for elite human performance.


But what they fail to tell you is that there is a force working against you as well.  Homeostasis is the force that is trying to simply keep you alive for one more day.  Homeostasis works in direct opposition to elite human performance.  So if you buy into you are strong enough, mobile enough or whatever enough, homeostasis will steadily begin to set in.  You might see a short-term boost, but eventually you’ll see your progress go backwards due to homeostasis.


I really think my friend said it best when we were talking about his nutrition plan.  I asked how much he wanted to weigh and he responded with, “I want to weigh 92mph.”  That’s when it all clicked for me.  He wanted to be at a weight that was going to allow him to throw a baseball 92mph.


The key is to clearly define all the areas that could possibly help you accomplish your goal.  Then prioritize your time accordingly with the areas that you struggle with receiving the most amount of time and the areas that you are really good at receiving the least amount of time.


The only things that matter are:

  • Being able to throw 2-5mph harder than your peer group
  • Being able to throw 70% strikes
  • Having better secondary stuff than your peer group
  • Being able to recover on schedule


Be STRONG enough to do THAT.

Be MOBILE enough to do THAT.

Be FAST enough to do THAT.

Be CONNECTED enough to do THAT.

Be WHATEVER enough to do THAT.


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