When Life Hands You Play-Doh

By Jonathan Massey-


The story of Play-Doh is an absolutely fascinating story. If you are unfamiliar with it, I will fill you in on the major parts of the story briefly, but I highly encourage you to read through their entire history.


Let’s start in 1933—Cleo McVicker, head of a struggling soap company, Kutol, has a meeting with Kroger grocery store. At the time, coal was the most efficient way to heat one’s home, but the downside to this was that coal left a layer of soot everywhere. Kroger was needing a way to clean wallpaper without getting the wallpaper wet. In a bold move, Cleo took the order and he and his brother began working on a formula to create a wallpaper cleaner. Fortunately, the pair were able to deliver and brought Kutol back to life.


Fast forward 19 years to 1954, Kutol is once again on the brink of failing. By this time, oil and gas furnaces had become the predominate way to heat one’s home, which created a different kind of soot and didn’t need to be cleaned as often. Therefore, the demand for wallpaper cleaner wasn’t as high. This, along with the creation of vinyl wallpaper, which could be cleaned with just regular soap and water, made Kutol wallpaper cleaner obsolete.


Enter Kay Zufall, sister in-law of Joe McVicker, who is now the CEO of Kutol. Kay was running a nursery school at the time and noticed that her children loved to play with the Kutol wallpaper cleaner. She brought Joe in to witness them make all kinds of creations and to pitch to him the idea of rebranding. He was sold. Joe took the detergent out of the cleaner, colored it, and the rest was history. Play-Doh was born.

The story of Play-Doh teaches us some valuable life lessons. First one, if you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten. Kutol was on the brink of failing as a business twice; each time they had to do something they had not previously done before. Had they not done something different, Play-Doh would not exist. Second, you are always just one small adjustment away from tremendous success. By simply removing the detergent and adding color, Joe McVicker created one of the most successful kid’s toys in history.


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