Leave a Profit

By Coach Ron Wolforth-


Almost everyone has heard of the personal performance guru, Tony Robbins, whose “fire walks” have become famous. Unfortunately, very few know HIS mentor. Robbins’ mentor was a man named Jim Rohn who passed away in 2009 at 79 years of age. He was a brilliant man who had a tremendous influence not only on Tony, but on Jill and me as well. I’m so grateful Jill and I got the chance to meet him before he passed in 2009.


One of Jim’s mantras was compelling you to “Leave a Profit” wherever you go in your daily life. What he meant by that phrase was that you were to leave everything you came in contact with during your day better or incrementally improved from your visit or presence.


We loved the concept as soon as we heard it. Of course, it is indeed an incredibly high standard to uphold, but simply holding it as a central daily premise is, as you can imagine, an incredibly powerful impetus for good in a person’s life.


It is now commonplace in today’s hyper-sensitive, environmentally charged culture to see and hear people demanding that others “leave no footprint of your presence in nature”. Frankly, it’s one of the very few tenets promoted by the radical wing of this movement that I have some accord.  We, of course, should be great stewards of our environment.


Rohn takes that concept further. He doesn’t believe we should simply be a neutral force; he believes our very existence is to be a force for good in the universe, and to constantly and continually look for ways to improve the lives of our families, our neighborhoods, and our world at large. We agree.


Jill & I have a truly remarkable staff that makes up the Ranch family and overall, I believe we do a very solid job of holding up the tenets of Rohn’s “Leave a Profit”. Some days we fall short, but most days we are indeed a source of light in the universe.


For example, I have watched hundreds of times over the years our Ranch team treat restaurant waiters, taxicab drivers, flight attendants, hotel clerks, and housekeepers with incredible warmth, respect, and courtesy. It always brings a smile to my heart. In fact, a waiter in a lovely pizza restaurant in Riccione, Italy recently told me he always looks forward to our return because we are the nicest people in the world. THAT is an example of leaving a profit.


In our current political recourse, we are often incredibly rude, arrogant, and vitriolic to each other. We most often are sorely lacking in simple civility, humility, and empathy. Instead, most of us obviously and unfortunately covet position, influence, power, and control. We have even weaponized our language against each other, enforcing words and phrases which can or can’t be used.


Limiting speech, especially unpopular, offensive, or uncomfortable speech, has always been in history the preliminary steps toward tyranny. Whenever someone becomes in control of what is acceptable to be said, the restrictions going forward always get more severe and will eventually limit the critique of the powerful.  We are indeed on that path.


There are a whole host of things I personally don’t like to hear but I will never endorse it to be forbidden because, as an old history teacher, I know all too well where such censor leads…Directly to despotism, repression, and fascism.


Unfortunately in today’s crazy political correctness climate, such lunacy has expanded into our sports. One classic case in point is the absurdity of changing the phrase from “disabled list”(DL) to the “injured list”(IL). Because we are so often broken in our ability to truly listen to one another, that void has been filled with political correctness and the “word police”. All to the detriment of a free society.


Coaches and managers talk to the press and go on social media about “team culture” and “team chemistry” and their “family”, then treat their players like interchangeable chess pieces. Team culture, family, and brotherhood?…Nope. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.


On the flip side, players and their families are also on social media constantly beating the “brotherhood” drum, and then at every critical turn they show us that it has always been about them and their brand. Team culture, family, and brotherhood?…Nope. Again, it’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad.


When I come across this hyperbole, puffery, and pretense, I often shake my head and wonder what percentage of people actually fall for this facade.


I urge you to think about the concept of “Leaving a Profit” in your daily life and challenge yourself to live up to its premise. It will not only enrich the lives of those you come in contact with, but it will truly bless you personally as well.


In case you are interested in the works of Jim Rohn, I suggest you start with these two:

My Philosophy for Successful Living    and    Leading an Inspired Life.

Until we talk again,

Stay curious and keep fighting the good fight.


– – – – – – – – – – –

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