What Do You Believe?

By: Coach Ron Wolforth






People dont buy what you do, people buy what you believe.

-Simon Sinek



First, for a point of emphasis, I am not equating our brand with these other famous brands. We are not remotely in the same ball park.


Second, this discussion isn’t about corporate branding. This is about determining what your ‘brand’… aka… YOU… stands for.


Who EXACTLY are you?


What do you stand for?


What do you value?


What are you all about?


I will tell you what our logo means to me, Jill, and everyone who works at the Texas Baseball Ranch.


The Ranch is not a place, the Ranch is an idea.


The Ranch represents optimism, hope, and aspiration.


The Ranch believes you can dream as big as your work ethic will allow.


The Ranch is a departure from group think, institutional envy, and reactionism.


The Ranch is not afraid to be edgy and to get things wrong. The Ranch is about growth, development, and awareness, and is not about coveting credit, status, or prestige.


The Ranch treats every client like a member of THEIR family. Our clients’ health and durability, both mentally and physically, is our primary consideration. Without that, all other gains or improvements are simply not sustainable and like all ‘parenting’, sometimes tough love and truth telling is necessary, but always done with the knowledge that nothing is more powerful than the human spirit… and that spirit must be protected at all costs. 


The Ranch is about leading and inspiring people, not managing them. We believe you lead people and you manage systems.  


The Ranch is open to new ideas even if it may conflict with current belief systems. We are not stuck on ‘us’ or our ‘current way’.


The Ranch doesn’t view itself as the arbitrator of the ‘truth’ or ‘best training practices’. It is a place of true humility and open dialogue.  


The Ranch is ALL IN with regards to everyone who will set foot on its property genuinely seeking assistance.


The Ranch is a sanctuary from the doubters, cynics, and haters of this world.


The Ranch believes regardless of your genetic constraints or limitations, you were born to achieve amazing things.


For these reasons, the Ranch is not a place that fits everyone. Many will scoff at its idealism and romantic notions. We accept that inevitability.


Beware ALL who enter HERE. This is a place of great optimism and work ethic. We welcome those who want to join in our mission. Pessimists and cynics should leave their baggage outside. We will face significant challenges and obstacles ahead… there will be little time for timidity, defeatism, or negativity. There is no time to lose.


This is what it means to us.



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