Take Action Today!

By: Flint Wallace


I truly believe your future is created by what you do today, not what you do tomorrow, or next week, or next season. That is the future. To impact that future, you must take action today. Change does not happen by chance, it happens by choice. So you must make that choice and Take Action Today!


Remember, every expert was once a beginner, every professional was once an amateur, and every Hall-of-Famer was once a rookie. But the main reason they became what they did was because they took action. They started their journey and kept at it until they succeeded. They created a plan on how to get there (a goal without a plan is just a wish). The secret to getting ahead is to get started. Action always beats intention. Take Action Today!


So do something today to start you on your path to succeed at your goal. The real time to grow or develop is after work or after practice. Most of us can find an extra 30-minutes to an hour after we are done with work or practice. We might have to arrange our priorities a little to find this time, but it is there. Instead of watching TV for two hours, shorten it to one hour. Only play video games if there is extra time left in the day. Choose to eat at home instead of going out to eat; just driving to and from a restaurant can take 30-minutes or more, and that does not include the time sitting there waiting for your waiter/waitress, food, and check. Take your lunch to work or school so during your lunch break you can have extra time to read or do your homework. Figure out how to carve out this time. Take Action Today!


Schedule the time every day to work towards your goal. That might be reading for 30-minutes to an hour each day to broaden your knowledge on a certain subject, it could be time working on physical constraints that could be holding you back, time cultivating your mindset, or enhancing and honing your skill set. This is the time you are free to do what you think will help you succeed. You do not have to take orders or follow someone else’s directions during this time. You are free to learn about or work on exactly what you think will benefit you most. This is your time each day to make yourself smarter, stronger, and more skilled. This is your time. Take Action Today!


If you are not progressing, you can’t blame and put the responsibility on your teacher, coach, or boss. Self-cultivation is forever dependent on you. If you are relying on class time, practice time, or your working hours to gain the necessary skills, then you will never reach your full potential. So start today, take 30-minutes to an hour to do what you think will help you succeed. I guarantee if you do this for a year, your career and your life will change. TAKE ACTION TODAY!



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