It Does Matter


By: Jill E. Wolforth


Last weekend we held our 17th Annual Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp.  It’s our three day (and bonus night) coaches symposium focusing only on pitching. This year there were over one hundred and seventy coaches in attendance, ranging from the youth level all the way to the professional level with five Major League organizations represented.  That’s a bit different than the first one we hosted which had right around twenty people in the room.


There were young coaches just starting their careers and others who have been in the business for over thirty years.  There were coaches who were attending our event for the first time, while at the same time over twenty coaches that had been to at least ten events since we started hosting them.


We had experts in the fields of orthopedics, rehabilitation, strength, leadership and naturally, training including the areas of movement patterns, performance and game adjustments.


As the weekend was winding down and I thought about all these facts, I was truly humbled.  To think that we have put together an event that has become the Gold Standard of the industry is quite amazing.  So, I asked myself, “How did we really do this?” And more importantly, “Why?”.  In asking and answering these questions, I decided it was the topic I would write on for this week’s blog.


If you’re closely tied to The Ranch this won’t come as any surprise, but if you’re somewhat new or have followed us from a distance, I think it could be valuable to understanding our foundation and perhaps give you a deeper look into what makes us tick.


As the founder and CEO of The Texas Baseball Ranch, Coach Wolforth’s belief that “All of us is better than any one of us” and “It’s not about who’s right, it’s about getting it right” are paramount to our success. 


But perhaps the element that has influenced us the most can be found in the prayer that Coach Wolforth starts off his day with which basically says, “I realize I will always be slightly mistaken or incomplete in my full understanding, so please help me to stay humble and open so that when more correct or more effective information or processes come my way, I will accept it and not push it away because it is different or contrary to my current belief system”.


In a game and business full of egos and credit seekers, this philosophy is refreshing, but more importantly, heart-felt.


Over twenty years ago, Coach Wolforth and I, while in Lincoln, NE, got to listen to the late Zig Ziglar speak and one thing that truly stuck with us was his comment, “You can have anything in life you want if you help others get what they want.”


We believe that we are able to do just this through our Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camps and the Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp.  It was very touching to get the following testimonial from one of the college coaches in attendance last weekend:



“When you go to a conference in which the owner/CEO stands up on the stage and is willing to get vulnerable with you by telling his weaknesses and mistakes from the past, it forces you to look inside and challenge yourself to do those same things with people that look up to you.  The Wolforth family (and when I say family I mean their closest peers) has a special combination of talent, ideas, passion, leadership and whole heartedness.  What they pour into my life as a young, upcoming coach I will always be grateful for.  Not only do I have more tools in my tool belt as a pitching coach, but I have become a better leader, husband, brother, child, employee, coworker, and most of all follower of Christ.”



And while this is a terrific testimonial, it serves as a reminder that we, at The Baseball Ranch, have a lot of responsibility to those in the baseball community.  We don’t take that responsibility lightly.  As 2016 winds down, please know that we are already planning for great things in 2017 and we look forward to sharing them with you because it does matter.



** If you weren’t able to attend our Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp, you can still order a set of the event DVDs.  Go to or call (936) 588-6762.

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