The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong

By Jill Wolforth-


If you’ve been to one of our Elite Pitchers Bootcamps or participated in our Extended Stay Summer Program you know how much emphasis we place on mindset.  So much so, that every morning of our Summer Program starts with a mindset presentation.  You begin to grasp the significance when you not only see the players locked in for the message but parents and grandparents as well, with their pens and paper in hand, diligently taking notes.


Mindset is not just something we talk about for our athletes, it’s something we know is important for us as well.  Coach Wolforth routinely shares mindset messages with the staff and this week he shared one during our staff meeting that I wanted to pass along to you.  It’s an important message and it applies to us all.


In this presentation “The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong”, Amy Morin talks about three types of destructive beliefs and provides three simple starting points for building good habits.





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