Our Cutest Ranch Family Addition

By Alexa Wolforth – 


In June 2022, we had a new guest arrive at The Ranch. He traveled underneath a car and hopped out as soon as the staff got there. He wasn’t a coach, athlete, or had any interest in baseball whatsoever. He walked right up to Ron and snuggled up against his feet.


It was a tiny orange kitten and at that moment, Ron knew he was in trouble.


I had just left for a trip to go see my fiancé (now husband), Garrett, in Daytona, FL where he was playing his season. We received a call after his game later that night and Ron showed us their newest foster pet. I was in awe to say the least. Ron told us that they were not going to keep him (even though he was adorable) so I knew he needed a home. As soon as we hung up the phone with Ron and Jill, I immediately asked Garrett if we could keep him. He took a few seconds and told me, “I knew we were going to have one eventually so why not.” I was thrilled! I was already starting to brainstorm names and I couldn’t wait to get back home to our newest family member who, after much deliberation, we later decided to name Finn.


When I got back home, Finn was even tinier than I imagined. I picked him up, took him to my room, and he slept underneath the covers all night. I knew then and there that we were going to be best friends since he liked to sleep as much as I do. However, as much as this little fella liked to sleep, he liked to eat even more. I was shocked by how much his tiny little body could hold!



After a few days of going to work and having to leave Finn at the house, I started to feel guilty. I felt like he was so little and had to eat every couple of hours, that I needed to make sure he was taken care of throughout the day. Then I thought of an idea… What if I just make him a Ranch cat?


I didn’t have to think twice about it.


The next day, I wrapped him in a blanket, put all of his supplies in the car, and brought him to the office with me. Finn was so happy! He was running around, chasing his toys, taking naps, getting snacks from everyone in the office, jumping on top of the fridge, and having the best time. After a few weeks, he was officially the cat of the Texas Baseball Ranch®.



It’s safe to say that Finn loved being out here with everyone. He made himself right at home and enjoyed having the office staff company daily. It has truly turned him into a social “people cat”.


He also now comes with me pretty much everywhere I go. He loves to go on road trips and is one of the best traveling companions. We often joke about how he is the luckiest cat in the world and is now living a life of luxury. However, as happy as Finn is, I can guarantee you that we are just as happy to have him in our lives. He has brought smiles to all of our faces here at The Ranch and has melted our hearts. If you are ever needing your Finn fix, don’t hesitate to drop into the office and say hello!



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Important TBR Updates


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