The Power of Perspective

By: Jonathan Massey


I absolutely love watching J.J. Watt play football. To me, he exhibits not only the qualities of being a great football player, but of being a great human being as well. He plays the game with intense passion, he knows what it takes to be the best and he’s willing to pay the price, and he cares more about winning than he does about his personal numbers. Which made hearing that he is out for the season all the more disheartening.


When he made the announcement below, he displayed another quality that is often overlooked… Perspective.




While I don’t believe J.J. would have ever come out with a poor me statement, he definitely didn’t have to include the line, “Everybody deals with adversity in their lives, many much worse than what I’m going through.” To me, this is what elevates him from being a great player to being one of the all-time great players. He has the ability to put things into perspective. There are far greater tragedies in life than having a bad radar day, or having a bad outing on the mound.


After bad training days I use to recite this line in my head, “Nobody died, you didn’t get diagnosed with cancer or any life altering disease. Heck, tomorrow you get to wake up and try again.” This was my way of putting things into perspective.


The path to greatness both in baseball and in life is a long one, riddled with both major and minor setbacks. Perspective will allow you to not make mountains out of mole hills. Your ability to maintain perspective on things will be crucial to your ability. Persevere through the tough times.



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