Make the Call

By: Jill E. Wolforth


(This week’s blog is going to be a bit personal.  If it’s not your cup of tea, know that baseball and training content will be coming back next week!)



A couple of weeks ago, within a 24-hour period, news came of the passing of two prominent sports figures, Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer.  In that same 24-hour period, my grandmother, Mary Sheaffer (aka “Gram”), died at the age of 95.


Fernandez’s death was obviously unexpected. Palmer, definitely older at passing, was still a bit of a surprise.  My grandmother, although dealing with some medical issues, was extremely sharp and quite mobile.


About a month before my grandmother died, my mother, who lives in Nebraska, was back in Pennsylvania helping prepare for the selling of Gram’s house as she had recently been moved into an assisted living facility.  My mother became very ill and ended up in the hospital in Pennsylvania.  I flew back to be with her due to the seriousness of her state.  The trip ended up being a blessing as it allowed me to see my grandmother, which ended up being the last time before she passed.


She was a huge Baltimore Orioles fan and was thrilled to have a great-grandson playing college baseball.  One of the last things she told me was that she couldn’t wait “to see him playing on TV.”  Today, she has the best seat in the house joining Great-Grandpa Rishel and Grandpa Wolforth (huge baseball fans themselves) in the front row of Heaven’s ballpark.


As the news came of all three of these deaths and knowing the age range from 24-95, I was caught in thought; I both thanked the Good Lord for getting to see my grandmother, but was also reminded how important it is to stay in touch with those who mean the most to you.


It is easy to be caught up in the daily grind, but it can all be gone before you know it.  I’m sure there are many people that would have liked to have had one more conversation with Jose, Arnold and Mary.


My message this week: If there’s someone important to you whom you haven’t spoken to in a while, touch base with them.  Don’t miss the moment.  Make the call!



**The Ranch staff is traveling tons this Fall so check in on social media to see where they end up next!

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