By: Flint Wallace


Over my career as an athlete, coach, and teacher, I have noticed that the most successful people are the ones who STAY!


I don’t mean they stay where they currently are in their growth…that is definitely one thing successful people do not do. Here is what I mean by ‘they are the ones who stay’.



Successful people STAY positive

They know that attitude is more important than talent.


Successful people STAY focused

They concentrate on the task at hand and don’t get distracted or overwhelmed by the big picture.


Successful people STAY present

They just take care of what they can at that moment.


Successful people STAY relentless

They know that every obstacle they overcome puts them further ahead.


Successful people STAY persistent

They keep at it until they get it.


Successful people STAY strong

They are able to withstand the outside pressures.


Successful people STAY ambitious

They don’t look for pitfalls or obstacles, they look for solutions.


Successful people STAY brave

They are always willing to face new challenges.


Successful people STAY progressive

They are leading the way. They know if they always follow the herd, they will always be walking in crap.


Successful people STAY fighting

They don’t give up. They take ownership and always look for ways to improve.



So, always be a person who seizes the opportunities, counters the setbacks, and concentrates on what they can influence. Be a person who will always STAY!



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