The Blizzard Credo

 By Flint Wallace-


This past weekend we held one of our “Ranch on the Road” Camps in Minnesota at the Blizzard Baseball Academy.  The camp went terrific (despite the frigid cold temperatures outside). 


The Blizzard Baseball Organization has been extremely successful and there is no wonder as to why.  They have wonderful facilities, bright coaches, and are run by an extremely genuine, passionate, and well-organized owner, Adam Barta.


But I believe the real reason for all the success is because they are about more than just helping guys become better baseball players… They are about helping them become better people.  Adam and the organization have come up with a credo that they instill into their coaches and players.  Adam has mentioned this credo every year for the last four years we have been traveling up there to put on a camp, and their players that are attending the camp all know it as well.  It is made up of five statements called the “Blizzard Big 5”.


  • Acceptance of Responsibility/ Control What You Can Control
    • Attitude, Effort and Preparation
  • Loyalty  
    • To your faith, family, friends and the program; don’t forget
      where you come from and what got you there
  • Humility, Class and Body Language
  • Synergism
    • Team chemistry; the total is greater than the sum of its parts
  • Kaizen 
    •  Continuous improvements, every day, in small increments 


I believe these are five statements that we all should try to apply to our own lives because in the grand scheme of things, it not about how good a player we become or how many games we win, but ultimately about becoming and/or mentoring someone to become a better person.  That is exactly what we try to do here at the Texas Baseball Ranch® as well, and if we can learn and apply the Blizzard Big 5 to all parts of our lives, then that is exactly what will happen.  And that is real success!


Until Next Time… Keep Getting After It!


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