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Elite Pitchers Boot Camps


Dear Pitcher,

Take this quiz. Do you:

  • want more velocity so you can make it to the next level?
  • want more command of your pitches?
  • want better secondary stuff?
  • want more consistency from game to game?
  • want to recover better between starts or training sessions?
  • have arm pain, tightness, or soreness that hurts your performance?

If you answered “Yes” at least once, you’ll find answers in this letter.

That’s because …

This Is Your “Ticket” To Hit 90 MPH,

Dominate Hitters, And Reach The Next Level

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You’re invited to my one-of-a-kind training camp, specifically geared for serious, committed and dedicated pitchers (ages 12-25).


Here are the dates:


September 1-3, 2018 (Sat-Mon) SOLD OUT

November 17-19, 2018 (Sat-Mon)

December 28-30, 2018 (Fri-Sun)

January 19-21, 2019 (Sat-Mon) (MLK Weekend)

Every summer, hundreds of pitchers come from around the world to The Texas Baseball Ranch™.

One reason?

No other place on earth has developed more 90 mph pitchers since 2003.

More than 212 Ranch pitchers have broken the 90 mph barrier … 79 have broken 94 mph … and 7 have topped 100 mph!

And more than 86 of our students have been drafted by Major League Baseball.

My coaches and I know that every pitcher can reach 90 mph — even if you’re over age 20.

I’ve seen it happen time and time again, for players who were told they would NEVER top 85 mph, much less 90 mph.

All you need is the right information, the right training, and the right work ethic. You get that — and more — at my Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp …

The Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp

Has The Power To Change Your Life

Here’s the secret: The key to the whole Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp is our “hyper-personalized” approach. There is no one-size-fits all system … no posing … no choreography.

Here, the focus is on YOU, as an individual. We assess your strengths and identify your weaknesses.

Then, we create a plan of action to transform you into a stronger, smarter, more powerful pitcher.

In just 3 fast-paced days at the Ranch, here’s a small sample of what you will discover …

  • Why Trevor Bauer painted yellow dots on a TV screen in my barn (and you won’t believe the breakthrough it gave him!)
  • How to get noticed by college and pro scouts. Learn what they’re REALLY looking for (as revealed by former pro pitchers). The answers will surprise you — and prepare you for your future
  • How to be the pitcher other teams fear, because they can’t predict or prepare for you!
  • The truth about velocity. Yes, it can be taught! We teach it every day here at The Ranch
  • Finally! A smart approach to curveballs that lets you dominate hitters … while reducing your risk of injury (works on pitchers as young as 12)
  • How to instantly recognize bad advice and misinformation — and what to do about it. This can possibly save your career!
  • The 5-Part Throwing Program of deceleration, connection, arm action, lower half, and athleticism (plus drills you will never guess, not in 300 years) Unique training delivers unique results. Only at the Texas Baseball Ranch!
  • Why pitch count per game doesn’t matter nearly as much as pitch count per inning
  • Why NO one-size-fits-all approach can work for you. The truth is, no two pitchers in the history of baseball have ever thrown exactly the same — and you should run, not walk, from any coach who tries to fit you into somebody else’s mold!
  • The truth about mechanics and why it’s one of the most over-used clichés in baseball
  • What track and field can teach you about throwing over 90 mph (hint: weighted baseballs are your friend)

Plus, you will …

Lock In Your Progress
With Tools And Support

After the Boot Camp, we send you home with 8 Essential Tools. They make your time at The Ranch the most important 3 days of your baseball career.

No more asking. “What do I do at home?” or “What equipment do I need?’ It’s all here.

You leave camp with everything you need. All included with your tuition. So, save room in your suitcase for all this …

The TBR Essentials Package:

$350.00 In Free Gifts For You

website 1Essentials #1: The 21 Day Personalized Plan and DVDs

After we analyze your pitching motion at the Ranch, we build you a hyper-personalized plan to get better!

We assess your body, its strengths and limitations. We capture your delivery on high-speed camera from multiple angles. We train you to become connected and in synch. Then we give you a step-by-step plan to follow in the first 21 days after you get home.

It’s like a “pitching autopilot system” you plant in your brain, so you don’t have to think. You just do it. The camp is only 3 days long, but this extra training stays with you for months and years. So you never stop improving!


website 2Essentials #2: The Durathro™ System

As my gift to you, I’m including a FREE 30-Day trial of Durathro™ Online Video Support and Video Coaching.

It’s just like a pro training program. Every drill, exercise, routine and explanation at the Ranch is videotaped for you. Then we put the videos online for you to see.

Why does this matter? Because it’s not just doing an exercise that makes you better, it’s how you do it.

The pro pitchers I have worked with — Trevor Bauer, Tyson Ross, Erik Johnson, CJ Wilson, Barry Zito, Scott Kazmir and Justin Verlander — are all huge “video” guys. They know that, if you want to be a horse on the mound, you have to know your delivery backwards and forwards.

When you’re at the Ranch, you’ll discover exactly how Durathro can become your new secret weapon!


website 3Essentials #3: TBR Connection Ball

Did you know? We invented connection ball training at the Ranch, in 2010.

Here’s why: More than 95% of pitching instructors try to improve mechanical efficiency with a cookie-cutter method, forcing you to fit their model of movement. But all that does is reinforce your flaws … and make you a “more-efficient” bad pitcher. That’s insanity!


website 7Essentials #4: Two TBR Weighted Balls

Forget what you may have heard about weighted balls. For more than 15 years, the Ranch has used them in over 150 training programs with nearly 10,000 pitchers. Used correctly they can unlock your potential and help you break the 90 mph barrier. Used incorrectly, they can wreck your am.

You’ll get the real story on how to safely boost your velo and your command with weighted balls. And we’ll send you home with an overload and underload ball.


website 8Essentials #5: TBR Durathro™ Sock

Here’s the final tool, which we co-invented with a renowned physical therapist. The Durathro™ Sock protects your arm and naturally develops sound movement patterns.

Use it in warm-ups and to build strength. It lets you get your throwing work in — anywhere, anytime, in any weather. It could be the biggest pitching breakthrough since the slider! And you’ll go home with one from the Ranch.


Still with me? Great.

If you’ve got the dedication and desire to become an unstoppable pitcher, my Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp will give you everything you need to reach your goals. And …

You’re Protected By My Risk-Free

“Texas-Size” Money-Back Guarantee

It’s simple: Come to the Texas Baseball Ranch. Put us to the test. Stay the entire first day. Absorb all the coaching, the personal attention, the fun, the whole TBR experience.

If, by 12:00 noon on the second day, you aren’t delighted with the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp for any reason — or no reason — just let us know. Your ticket will be cheerfully and immediately refunded. No questions asked. No hassles either. And we’ve never had to refund a pitcher. Ever.

It’s Easy To Register!

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Got questions? Call 936-588-6762 anytime. Mention Priority Code: Web to whoever answers the phone. We’ll take care of you!


The only catch? Space at our next Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp is strictly limited to the first 50 pitchers who apply and are accepted. That’s to make sure every athlete gets the same amount of “hyper-personalized” individual training that we’re famous for.

Once we hit our limit of 50 applications, the doors slam shut and you’ll have to apply for the next Boot Camp … if there’s room.

If you’ve got a love of baseball and pitching … a burning desire to improve … and you’re not afraid of hard work, you’re a great candidate for The Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp. We’d love to have you aboard.

One more thing. If you live nearby or you’re visiting Texas, please stop by the Ranch and say hello in person! You’ll find us at 5451 Honea-Egypt Rd., Montgomery, TX 77316.

Please respond today. You’ll be glad you did.


See YOU at the Ranch!

Coach Ron Wolforth

The Texas Baseball Ranch


P.S. Here are the 2018/2019 Summer/Winter Dates …

  • September 1-3, 2018 (Sat-Mon) SOLD OUT
  • November 17-19, 2018 (Sat-Mon)
  • December 28-30, 2018 (Fri-Sun)
  • January 19-21, 2019 (Sat-Mon) (MLK Weekend)


Here’s What To Do Now

Are you a FIRST TIME Ranch pitcher? Click here to register and save

Are you a RETURNING Ranch pitcher? Click here to register and save

Got questions? Call 936-588-6762 anytime. Mention Priority Code: Web to whoever answers the phone!


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