How Difficult Is Tying Your Shoes?

By Jonathan Massey-


I know most of y’all probably mumbled, “pretty easy”, but the answer is, it just depends.


For an infant, the task is impossible. For a toddler or young child just learning to tie their shoes, the task is extremely difficult. For an adult, the task of tying your shoes is quite simple.


But let’s take the adult and make him tie his shoe while standing on one leg. That makes the task increasingly more difficult! Now let’s put you on one leg, on a tight rope, and up 50 feet in the air… for most people, this simple task of tying their shoe is now impossible.


I led with this analogy because this is where I see most players struggle. For some, when they first show up, doing the drills correctly is impossible. Even for most it is still extremely difficult. As they work at the drills, they get better and attain a level of mastery. But eventually, they hit a wall and plateau. Most have no idea why.


As Coach Wolforth has said many times, “There is nothing remarkable about doing the drills.” Just doing the drills after a certain level of mastery is akin to tying your shoe, which is why most players stop getting better.


Once you’ve mastered the drill or drills, you have to find ways to continually make them more difficult. Maybe you double the distance in which you do the drills. Maybe instead of doing three or five straight throws with each weighted ball, you cycle through the weighted balls doing one throw with each. Maybe you back up and do drills from full distance and see ball flight.


There is always a time and place to return to the basics and make sure you are doing the drill as correctly as possible. But simply just doing the drills will NEVER EVER be enough. You have to continually push the boundaries of how difficult you can make the drill, and still do the drill correctly.


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