A Real Competitor

By Flint Wallace- 


Everyone loves a competitor. That person that just will not give up. That person that stays focused and engaged both physically and mentally. That person that leaves it all on the line.


But where does that person come from? How did they reach that point?


I recently read an article by Ed Latimore titled, “How to be Competitive”; it is an excellent article.


He talks about how most people think they are competitive, but they are not. They just want to win, but they do not have a clue on how to compete. Everyone loves the feeling of winning but finishing first doesn’t make you competitive. It is what happens during your training or during the race, game, or match that determines who the competitors truly are.


He states, “Being a winner doesn’t make you a competitor but being a competitor will eventually make you a winner.”


Real competitors are not competing against their opponent. They have made a decision that they are competing against themselves. They know that improving their own ability is all that matters at the end of the day. Being a competitor is more than just beating your opponent on the scoreboard, it is about giving 100% of your effort in your preparation and in the competition 100% of the time.


There are too many factors that go into winning a contest that are outside of a person’s control, but a real competitor doesn’t worry about those factors or let those factors get to him. They simply decide to keep doing their very best each and every pitch, play, or step.


So remember, the scoreboard does not always determine who really competes. What determines a real competitor is whether or not they decide to give everything they have all the time. The real competition is, and always will be, with yourself. The only standard you compare yourself to should be, “what was I capable of yesterday?”. It is about the effort in preparation for and during the contest that determines who really competes.


Becoming a real competitor is completely in your control, it is not based on anyone else. It is totally based on your effort. And that is absolutely within your control. It is a decision!


This doesn’t mean you should care less or not want to win. Of course you want to win, everybody wants to win! It just means that there are two different ways to look at winning. One way is by what the scoreboard says- that is an external view, and the other is by what your effort was regardless of the external factors. That is an internal view, and that is a real competitor.


What are you going to decide to be?


Until Next Time… Keep Getting After It!


– – – – – – – – – –


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