Musings From the North Atlantic

By Coach Ron Wolforth – 


I hoped the title of this week’s Ranch blog post message would be different enough to peak your interest.

After 11 weeks of summer program, Jill and I hopped on a cruise ship traveling from Iceland to Norway to Amsterdam to London.

It gave us a couple weeks to decompress from the chaos and hustle and bustle of summer and boy has it been wonderful.

Here we are with our favorite waiter, Hendro, from Jakarta, Indonesia. We hit it off immediately as he got my sense of humor. As Samantha and Coach Massey will warn everyone, laugh at my jokes at your own peril.

We visited Iceland which was both surprisingly green and beautiful as you can see here…


Next we visited Shetland and the famous Mousa Island “Broch”. The islands are considered part of Scotland. If you look close at the picture below you can see Jill has the iPad out on top of the Broch taking pictures. I took one look at the tight stairway to the top and decided I would be taking pictures on the outside.

We had 4 different stops along the fjords of Norway with some of the most stunning scenery we have ever witnessed. We just had to share some of it with you starting here with Alesund, Norway (My personal favorite so far).

Here are Bergen, Stravanger & Kristiansand, Norway

So far our trip has been incredible and the weather very cooperative.

Tomorrow we will get off in Oslo and meet up with a long time Ranch client, Brian Bach from Norway. Brian is an American veteran and baseball enthusiast who fell in love with Norway and the Norwegian people and moved to Norway permanently. He has brought both of his boys to the EPBC even though one was a catcher. Brian has a full itinerary set for us tomorrow and in my next message I will share with you the rest of our trip.

Obviously not only has baseball afforded us this incredible trip to the North Atlantic, baseball will have gotten us a personal tour in Oslo that no other person on board our cruise ship will come close to experiencing.

So as Saturday Night Live’s Chico Escuela (played by Garrett Morris) would say, “Beisbol been berry berry good to me.”


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