Message From My Parents

By Jill E. Wolforth-


I was very fortunate growing up that my parents demonstrated and constantly reminded my two sisters and me that if we were willing to work hard and work smart, we could succeed at anything we set our minds to.

They never said it would be easy, as our life raising cattle on a ranch in Nebraska frequently demonstrated.  As I often tell my athletes, if it were easy, everyone would be able to do it and then the rewards would not be as great.


This week Coach Wolforth and I are in Dayton, OH watching our son Garrett’s professional team, the Dayton Dragons, the High A Affiliate for the Cincinnati Reds.  We are fortunate that my parents are here for the week as well.  


In one of our afternoon conversations this week, my father said to me, “Jill, do you remember the ‘Thinking’ poem  that used to hang in the old house?”  To which I paused for a moment, looked at him and began to recite it.


He looked a little surprised that I remembered it but he really shouldn’t have been. My parents had me memorize it at a young age and it hung in the house where we grew up as a constant reminder.   I have referred back to its message on many occasions and I thought it appropriate to share now…


The Man Who Thinks He Can

If you think you are beaten, you are,

If you think you dare not, you don’t,

If you’d like to win, but you think you can’t,

It’s almost a “cinch” you won’t.


If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost,

For out in the world you’ll find,

Success begins with a fellow’s will;

It’s all in the state of mind.


For many a race is lost

Before ever a step is run;

And many a coward fails

Before his work’s begun.


Think big and your deeds will grow,

Think small and you’ll fall behind,

Think that you can and you will;

It’s all in the state of mind.


If you think you’re outclassed, you are,

You’ve got to think high to rise,

You’ve got to be sure of yourself

Before you’ll ever win a prize.


Life’s battles don’t always go

To the stronger or faster man,

But sooner or later, the man who wins,

Is the fellow who thinks he can.


On our copy the author was listed as unknown but I’ve since seen credit given to Walter D. Wintle.


Remember, I said my parents taught me if I worked hard and worked smart I could do anything I SET MY MIND TO.


This message is truly timeless.  It’s been said, if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.  Every day we are reminded that it takes both hard work and smart work.  I hope this message serves as just a little spark in helping you do that.

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