Know Your Numbers

By: Coach Jonathan Massey

If you own your own business, or have aspiration to ever own your own business, this is a phrase you should be familiar with.

If you are going to make it as a business, especially as a small business, you absolutely have to know your numbers.

You need to know the number of expenses you have, both expected and potentially unexpected.

You need to know your revenue numbers, earned and unearned.

Once you know that, you can then implement systems and processes that will help you maximize profits.

If you want to have success in baseball, you need to know your numbers. It still surprises me how often I ask a kid what his record is on a certain drill and he has no clue. It boggles my mind. More importantly, it tells me that he truly isn’t all that serious about improving his velocity.

When I was training, I could tell you with almost certainty my record for any throwing drill that I measured. And the important ones, like turn n burns and hook’ems, I could tell you the record on my 7 ounces and 3.5 ounces baseballs. Why? Because velocity was always my biggest problem growing up, so I was obsessed with throwing a baseball as hard as I could. That obsessiveness was one the biggest reasons I was able to break through the 90mph barrier.

If you are trying to gain velocity, know your numbers. What is your record for each of your major throwing drills? What is your record on the med ball wall series? If you are serious about gaining velocity and throwing as hard as you can, know your numbers.

The same goes for command. What are your numbers? What percentage of strikes do you throw? Do you command one side of the plate better than the other? Fastball command verse secondary command? Is your command trending up, staying stagnant, or trending down?

Know your numbers. Whatever part of your game is keeping you from reaching the next level, velocity, command, secondary stuff, find a way to measure it. Then become obsessed with making steady improvements until you reach your goals.

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