Tough Times Don’t Last…Tough People Do

By Jill E. Wolforth – 


Growing up, my father always seemed to have the right saying or two to get through difficult situations.  They had enough impact on me that they remain with me to this day and I too pull them out when the timing is right.


If you haven’t heard me talk about it before, my parents were cattle ranchers, specifically, registered Angus cattle breeders in Nebraska.  They actually just sold their ranch this past spring and have “retired”.  Although I had graduated by the time they bought the big ranch, I grew up actively involved with cattle & 4-H, showing at local, state and national events.


During my childhood, I can remember a couple of unfortunate events that happened to my parents’ operation which, to many people, might have been devastating.  My father’s typical response was, “Tough times don’t last but tough people do” and my mother, just as wise, often said, “This too shall pass.”  


As I think back on it, sometimes I’m even more amazed with their composure and thought at the time, but I guess I shouldn’t be when I look at the success they’ve enjoyed.  That mindset was absolutely critical to their success.

My parents, Barb (left) & Bill  (right) Rishel being inducted into the Nebraska Cattlemen Hall of Fame.


The reason I decided to write about this topic, this month, is because of the impact Hurricane Harvey has had on the greater Houston area.  Here at the Ranch, we were extremely fortunate to have gone unscathed but hundreds, probably even thousands, of families and businesses cannot say the same.  


Less than half a mile from our home, an entire strip center and set of apartments took in water 3-4 feet high. Those families are without homes.  Others throughout Houston have lost everything and will have to start from scratch, many anticipating at least a year before they can get back in their homes.


The awesome thing has been the outpouring of support including physical labor, financial contributions and emotional support.


As I have watched all of this, it has reminded me once again that “Tough times don’t last but tough people do.”


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