Doesn’t Matter, Get Better

By Jonathan Massey-


National Signing Day was just a little over a week ago.  I was invited to attend the ceremony of one of our local clients who has trained at The Ranch for the past two years.  As I saw this young man sign his Letter of Intent, I couldn’t help but remember our path to get here.  In that moment I knew he needed to share his story because, his story starts off like many of our clients’ stories… he came to us with extreme arm pain and velocity below his peer group.  So without stealing too much of his thunder, here is Austin’s story:


“I remember going to the Texas Baseball Ranch in the middle of the summer before my sophomore year in high school. I experienced ongoing arm issues since early freshman year with excruciating pain in the medial side of my elbow. I came to the Ranch looking for anything that could ease my arm pain and, hopefully in the process, gain velocity on my fastball. I was truly blown away by the results of the camp.


Not only did the Texas Baseball Ranch teach me a better technique to throw harder and protect my arm, but they also showed me just how important pre-throwing and post throwing exercises were to the actual pitching process.  I arrived at the Ranch topping out at around 78mph and had been told by a few coaches that I will never be a college pitcher or that I would be able to compete at a high collegiate level.  These comments, as well as my personal beliefs, have served as motivation for me to achieve and overcome all challenges. These experiences have led me to be the competitor I am today.  I would not want to change anything.  Thanks to the Ranch, I have increased my MPH from 78mph my sophomore year to maintaining 88-89, touching 90mph this summer.

In addition, the Texas Baseball Ranch has provided me tools to enhance my command while increasing and maintaining velocity. I learned how to become a better pitcher thanks to the Texas Baseball Ranch. I cannot overstate the role the Ranch had with my opportunity to attend and play baseball at Wake Forest University.  They have taught me that throwing with velocity and command does not just happen. Hard work, dedication and practicing with purpose each day is not optional in order to reach your dream. Thanks to what I have learned at the Texas Baseball Ranch, I am just now beginning to realize my potential as a person and ball player, along with the confidence and belief that I will reach my goals.

One of the mottos of The Ranch is, “Doesn’t Matter, Get Better.” This quote has remained in my conscience, motivating me to achieve at the highest level as a baseball player and as a person.  No matter what excuse I may have each day about why I cannot work at becoming a better baseball player (or pitcher), I absolutely MUST.  No matter what, I must do what it takes to get better… each moment and each day.  Many people, including myself, make excuses as to why we cannot get better. “I’m too tired,” “I can do it later,” “There is too much to do today.” All of these excuses are exactly that… excuses.  I have learned that through dedication, hard work with purpose and self-confidence, I can realize my dreams thanks to everyone at the Baseball Ranch.”


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ATTENTION Pitchers – There are only two opportunities remaining to get to The Texas Baseball Ranch® and participate in an Elite Pitchers Bootcamp before the start of the 2019 season.  Those dates are Dec. 28-30 and Jan. 19-21 (Martin Luther King Holiday).  This is the perfect way to get a jump start on the 2019 season and your competition!  To learn more or register go to:  


SPECIAL 1-Week Session –  We are offering a special 1-week training session (Dec. 17-21) for college (and high school) players who’d like to get some extended training in over the winter break.  It will follow a similar format to our summer program.  For more information or to register, call The Ranch office at (936) 588-6762.


ATTENTION Ranch Alumni – Our Alumni camp date has been set for January 12th & 13th. This is the perfect pre-season event to sharpen your skills.  At this 2-day event you will taking part our advanced level of training and work with our Power Core 360 bands, the V-Flex command training and our brand new FlightScope.  You can register at



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