Addition by Subtraction

By Coach Flint Wallace-


I came across a quote from Fearless Motivation (, “If you don’t feed your mind with success, it will rot with mediocrity.”  


The video goes on to talk about how everything you do today will determine the person you will be in the future, both the positive and the negative.  That goes for the books you read or don’t read.  The videos, movies or TV shows you watch or don’t watch.  The workouts you do or don’t do.  The food you eat or don’t eat.  The people you hang out with and listen to.  But most importantly, the opinions you BELIEVE!


That is true for your thoughts and the information you take in as well.  What you feed your mind will shape your future.  You must commit to feeding your mind with positive stuff every day and surround yourself with people who believe in you and are pulling on the rope in the same direction you are.  We believe in this so much here at the Texas Baseball Ranch® that we start every day with a mindset presentation.


But just as important as putting positive thoughts and information in, minimizing or avoiding the negative may be even more advantageous.  The negative stuff is what will rot you with mediocrity.  A successful mindset for a lot of people is more about limiting or getting rid of the negative we allow into our lives.


There are some things that we can only limit because we are social beings, and by just being in contact with others, we will be exposed to negative stuff now and then.  But there is stuff we can almost eliminate totally from our lives.  For example, the people we follow on social media, the shows or videos we watch, the type of video games we play, the type of music we listen to, etc.


So do an audit on yourself.  Get a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle to divide the sheet in half.  One half label “Positive Stuff” and the other half “Negative Stuff”.  For the next week, write down all the stuff you read, watch, play and listen to. If you believe it has a positive effect on your mindset, put it in that column.  List the negative stuff in the other column.  Then at the end of the week, create a plan on how you can reduce or eliminate the negative stuff, and how you can replace it with more of the stuff from the positive side or with something positive that you should be doing.


That way you will get addition by subtraction.


Until Next Time… Keep Getting After It!


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