Back to the Future

By Jill Wolforth-


I just returned from a business conference with “Back to the Future” as its theme.  The host organization has gone through a few ownership changes over the past 12 years, the most recent taking place this past spring with the new owner actually being an old member.  I know this because I’ve been in their membership for over 15 years.


One of the reasons he purchased the company was because it had been so helpful to his personal and professional growth, and he believed that if it returned to its roots and core foundational principles, it could be extremely helpful to others again.  Thus he decided on the theme for his first big event as the new owner, “Back to the future”.


Being a member of this group for so long, I was very familiar with the ebbs and flows he referred to and I can say I’m very pleased with their reengineering or perhaps better stated their old engineering.


As I listened to his “State of the Union”, it reminded me a lot of baseball and all that Coach Wolforth and I have seen over the past 25 years in the instructional business.  It’s not uncommon for someone to think they have it all figured out, or worse yet, fail to have any historical perspective or understanding of what got us to where we are today.  It’s also common for people to get away from what works because they are enticed by new shiny objects.  They lose sight of core training principles.


This is not to say that change is a bad thing.  However, change does not always equal improvement. Change for change sake or just to make sure something has my fingerprint on it is silly.  Also, if the change causes me to lose touch with the people whom I have built my program or business around, that’s a big problem.  It won’t be long before that action will have a negative impact, sometimes severe.


The idea of roots and core values never leaves our mind at The Texas Baseball Ranch.  Our training is a really good example of “Back to the Future”.  For years we have talked about the importance of “a return to athleticism”.  We’ve discussed the importance of freedom in the delivery as was common in the days of Dizzy Dean, Whitey Ford and Bob Gibson.


Baseball went through a relatively recent period where the mantra was “minimize movement to maximize efficiency”.  This training philosophy was done with good intentions but unfortunately, it created a new set of problems.  


There are many other examples but I think you get the point. Even with all the advancements in technology, science and motor learning, it is as important today as ever not to lose sight of core, foundational principles.  As we continue to progress, a mindset of “Back to the Future” should always remain front and center.  You can trust at the Texas Baseball Ranch® we will continue to do just that.


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