Discomfort & Adversity

By Isaiah Trevino-


The “comfort zone” is where most people live and die, and their potential in life dies with them. Although the comfort zone is somewhere you will be tempted to stay, it won’t help you grow or reach your full potential in life or on the field. There is always room for growth, and great people didn’t become great by staying in their comfort zone their whole lives. They grew and became as great as they could be! Granted, they may have still turned out “good” in whatever they were doing, but even good is the enemy of great.


            When you are uncomfortable, when you go through adversity, is when you will find out who you really are as a person. You learn a lot about yourself when adversity hits. Trust me, if you live long enough, or play long enough, adversity will hit you many times. It is only then when your true character will show. Discomfort and adversity can be brought upon you without warning: a breakup, getting fired from your job, getting cut from your team, not having the success you expected, etc. It is how we react to these things that matter much more than what event just occurred. Adversity reveals who you truly are. Understanding that, only through adversity and discomfort can you grow as a person and an athlete, is vital in success, in life, and on the field. Now, I’m not saying you should go and seek adversity and purposely get fired from your job or purposely get cut from your team, but just having a different perspective on it will be huge in terms of how you will bounce back from it. On the other side of adversity, struggle, and discomfort, there is growth and greatness.


Adversity is the best teacher in life and in baseball. Finding out exactly what you’re willing to go through to get that promotion, scholarship, or to sign a professional contract, those leaps and jumps to a new level never come from being comfortable, it is always through discomfort. Next time you’re going through a stage of discomfort or adversity, I challenge you to take a different perspective on it. Look at it and think, “Man, when I get out of this storm, I’m going to be so much better because of it!”.


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