Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

By Jonathan Massey – 


Be so good they can’t ignore you, otherwise they will.

– Steve Martin


Last week, we wrapped up our 10-week Summer Program, and while I know I am biased, I’ll say with full confidence that this was our best summer yet. Not only did our workouts and throwing programs improve, but as a group, there was cohesiveness among the athletes that hadn’t been there in a few years.  Like all good things though, it must come to an end and the real world must begin again.


I will echo the words above, and if you were here our final week, I did a whole mindset presentation on this topic: “Be so good they can’t ignore you, otherwise they will”.


Just because you spent the summer training and making big improvements does not guarantee anything. In fact, I’ve seen many guys become overconfident in thinking that they had already secured an increase in playing time just because they spent the summer at the Ranch, only to be rudely awakened when fall ball opens up.


Nobody is just going to hand you more playing time. Nobody is just going to say, “You can have my role”. This isn’t Hollywood, you have to go out there and be so good that you force the coach to put you in the starting lineup.


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