Baseball Life : Travel Recap

By Alexa Wolforth-


   A couple of weeks ago, I took the week to go spend time with my husband, Garrett. We hadn’t seen each other since he left on March 1st for spring training, so it was a very sweet and much-needed reunion. Ten full days went by way too fast, but I am grateful for the time off to spend with him and get a quick glimpse into what it would be like to travel with him!


As many of you know, he plays professional baseball for the Cincinnati Reds organization, and he was finishing up a series in Fort Wayne, Indiana when I flew in. We spent a night in the coolest and coziest Airbnb, and I was able to attend a game when they played against the Fort Wayne Tin Caps.



After the game, we made a two-and-a-half-hour road trip back to Dayton. We spent his off day doing a few of our favorite things – watching movies, playing cards, and his favorite, grocery shopping. His team began their next home series on Tuesday, which would typically consist of six games played between Tuesday and Sunday. However, this series resulted in three games that were either postponed or cancelled, two days of doubleheaders, and a couple of days that actually went as scheduled. It is safe to say that I am incredibly thankful for the extra time we got to spend with each other in the evening that wasn’t originally planned.



Garrett ended up playing in three out of the five games that week; it was the first time I had seen him play this season, so I was more than excited to be in the stands! There is nothing I love more than watching him live his dream and be able to support him through both the highs and lows that baseball brings. I couldn’t be prouder of the person and player that he has become, and to see how much he has grown in both of those aspects of life is inspiring.


I am excited to see what his future holds and where this life takes us. I can’t wait to get back out to Dayton at the end of this week to cheer him on again!



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