Words Mean Things

By: Jonathan Massey


Throughout my years at The Ranch, I’ve heard many of Coach Wolforth’s stories.


One of my favorite stories takes places back when he and Jill had just moved to Texas. They were in the process of building a new business (Can-am Baseball/Softball Academy), and so money was tight. But one night, Coach Wolforth decided to take Jill out for dinner. After dinner was through, they decided they would like to indulge themselves and share a piece of cheesecake for dessert.


When the dessert came out, Jill politely excused herself to use the ladies room. When she returned to the table, she found to her dismay that Coach Wolforth had eaten about 80 percent of the dessert. Both a bit perturbed and saddened, Jill asked, “I thought we were sharing?” To which Coach Wolforth promptly responded with, “Honey, we are. You said SHARE a dessert, not split. Words mean things.” They are now very clear to this day, on whether they are sharing or splitting.




One of my favorite quotes by Will Smith is:


 Our thoughts, our feelings, our dream, our ideas are physical in the Universe. If we dream something, if we picture something, and if we commit ourselves to it- that is a physical thrust towards realization that we send out into the universe.


I’ve seen it happen too many times now to not believe it…


On the last day of our Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camps, we radar the players, and there are always a handful of guys on their last throw that are on the verge of breaking a record or breaking into the 90/95/100 mph club. So, I’ve started making them say whatever number they want to break right before they throw.


Now of course the first time they kind of just say it, with no real conviction behind it.


That doesn’t fly.


So I tell them you have to say it like you mean it/want it; to which they usually take as I need to shout this number at the top of my lungs.


Yet the crazy thing is, as soon as they say it with that kind of conviction and belief, they almost always break their record.


Words. Mean. Things.   


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