Chapter 1: Texas Baseball Ranch

By: Taylor Morriss


As some of you may know, I am down to my last week here at TBR. My family has relocated to Colorado due to my Dad’s company closing their offices in Houston, so I am heading into the next chapter of my life at full force (whether I am ready to or not). But for this post, I would like to reflect on my Texas Baseball Ranch chapter.


I started at The Texas Baseball Ranch November 2015 as an intern. I graduated in May from Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in General Business. Did I mention that my school and Coach Ron’s schools are rivals? That just tells you how much disgust Coach had to swallow OR how much he liked me to even allow me on The Ranch premises… I just like to think it was how much he liked me. I quickly learned to rely on my minor when Coach Ron and Jill brought me on full time in January as an office manager/Jill’s assistant. I soon wore multiple hats, and I gained even more responsibilities when Samantha welcomed Campbell into the world and was away on maternity leave.


I learned a lot about what it takes to run your own business; especially a business that is in high demand like The Ranch. You have to think ahead, be prepared for anything and everything, and you always have to be involved and learning. Coach Ron and Jill do an amazing job at taking care of their clients; whether it’s being there to answer questions, give advice, or find new and improved ways to help their clients excel in baseball. You can’t and you won’t always find that; nobody wants to see their clients achieve their goals more than the Texas Baseball Ranch.  Their passion, as well as the entire TBR staff’s passion, is what makes the Texas Baseball Ranch a success. They care about each individual athlete and they want to help them perform to the best of their abilities in the safest way possible- in case you haven’t heard, we start with the pain here.


I learned a lot about myself too through the opportunities and challenges that I was faced with. I learned that my organizational skills are indeed a skill; one that Jill relied on a lot and that I am glad I was able to offer to her to make things just a little bit easier.  I learned that I really enjoy the blog/monthly newsletter side of the business that I oversaw, as well as the proofreading and editing that I did, and I’m actually rather good at both. I also learned that I am still NOT very good with numbers and I’m glad I had Jill to double check my work because some of those situations would’ve had totally different endings if she hadn’t.


Even though I am leaving way earlier than I thought I would be, I was fortunate to gain certain skills and insight in my short amount of time at The Ranch. I will forever be appreciative of the opportunity Coach Ron and Jill gave me fresh out of college, and of the kindness and generosity they did not have to show me but did anyway because that is just the type of people that they are (not everyone’s boss takes them on a 7- day cruise just because they worked really hard during the summer!). I’m going to miss seeing guys beat their personal records, hearing Coach’s mindset lectures, which I would sometimes sneak out of the office during the week to listen to because I needed a little motivation, and being a part of a family that share a common goal and do everything in their power to make dreams become realities. The Ranch is unlike any place in the world and if you have the opportunity to go, you should, because you will leave inspired and ready to take on the world.  Thank you Coach Ron, Jill, and the rest of the TBR gang, you guys were the best first job ever!


P.S. You can bet I’ll be back. There’s a nice office building going up and did you hear… there will be real-life bathrooms!


** Check out our website to see all of the events TBR has scheduled this Fall!


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