What to Expect

By: Jonathan Massey


Summer is right around the corner, which means our Summer Program is about to start. It’s no secret that the Summer Program is my favorite time of the year. This will be my 10th summer either training or coaching at the Texas Baseball Ranch (Coach Wolforth would say it’s been the longest 20 years of his life), and each year the program has gotten better. But it never fails that each year a small percentage of kids show up expecting one thing but get another. My blog this week is for those of you who are coming to the Summer Program (or thinking about coming) and what you can expect when you show up.


#1- You can expect to work. I know this should go without saying, but it never fails a very small percentage of kids show up thinking that we have a magic wand, and that if we touch you with it you will automatically gain 5 mph on your fastball. I want to be perfectly clear about this: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MAGIC BULLET. It is going to take work in order for you to accomplish your goals. So as Coach Wolforth has said many times, “show up with your overalls on and let’s get to work.”


#2-Do not expect us to hold your hand. Summer Program is basically controlled chaos. Some weeks there will be as many as 50 kids and only 4 coaches. At that ratio we cannot watch each kid make every single throw every day. Now, we are changing our structure a little bit this year to be a bit more supervised, but it is still not going to be hand-holding. In fact, at the Ranch we believe our job is to ELIMINATE our job. We want you to know your movement pattern so well that you can become your own best pitching coach, because the good Lord willing, you will have the opportunity to play with many different coaches at the high school, collegiate, and professional level. Each one of those coaches will have a different philosophy when it comes to “good mechanics.” We believe that you need to know your movement pattern so well that you can take the information that the coach is giving and decipher what is best for you.


#3-You can expect to have a great support staff. One of my favorite things about the Summer Program is watching guys interact with each other. During the workouts they push each other beyond their comfort zone, and during the throwing they work their plans together. I experienced this firsthand during my training here. Working out with guys like Cody Springer and Eric Binder took me to a level I could not reach on my own. They were both encouraging and yet were quick to tell me when they felt like I was slacking off. Also, training with them meant that I didn’t need Ron to answer every question I had. I could turn to them and they would have suggestions and ideas on how to correct things. It’ll be the same thing this year with our Ranch Veterans. So to all of our new guys this year don’t be afraid to ask a Veteran your question, and to our Veterans don’t be afraid to help a new guy who is struggling a little bit. This is what makes the Ranch a special place


This is going to be another great summer here at the Texas Baseball Ranch. I cannot wait to see each one of you this summer and to bear witness to the gains you will make. I know I am biased, but to me there is nothing quite like spending the summer at the Ranch.


**If you would like to come see us this summer, you can find information regarding our Summer Program here!

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