By: Samantha Parrish


As you come up to the last quarter of your season, many of you might be having mixed emotions on your performance. Although baseball is a team sport we do have to keep our individual performance in mind and, as Coach Wallace referenced a few weeks ago, you need to focus on the ‘controllables’. To do this I would highly recommend creating a personal self-assessment for you to fill out every month.


We tend to view how good or bad we did based off of our era, batting average against or WHIP, but those aren’t always the best indicators of the effectiveness of our training.  We may not notice the efficacy of our training if we are looking ONLY at traditional game measurements. I suggest you create an ultra-personalized assessment for yourself with a rating scale of 1-8 or 1-10 on each question. You need to get as in depth here as possible and try to create questions that are not just timely, but truly relevant to your long term growth and development. Here are some examples of the types of questions I’m suggesting; these would be under the ‘Performance’ category:


  • How was my fastball command (meaning did it go exactly where I wanted it to)?
  • How effective were my secondary pitches?
  • Did the count or situation affect my accuracy?
  • Does my velocity stay consistent? If not, when does my velocity drop off?


These questions that should be answered as objectively as possible by you so give yourself some time after an outing to critique yourself and don’t let a specific outing or situation dominate your answers.  If you do an assessment like this every month, it can give you great insight as to what your training is doing for you.  If you start to see a downward trend on any of these, there may be a hole in your training.  I would suggest coming up with questions for each of the categories below:


  • Recovery
  • Mindset
  • Performance
  • Practice/ game prep
  • Arm health
  • Conditioning/ Stamina


These are just your baseball questions- obviously we encourage a personal set of audits as well for school, spirituality etc.


It’s very easy to let others assess us- whether that be your coaches, parents or just going by your stats. But those outside factors are all subject to change. In 10 years from now, you won’t likely be on the same field, against the same guys, or playing for the same coach. You need to be able to measure your progress and be the expert in what works (or at the very least what doesn’t work) for you. The important tool in these assessments is comparing them over time. How will you know how you’ve grown or how you need to grow if you don’t keep track?


If you have been to the Ranch you know that on our sign it says “Leading the World in Objective Measurement of Baseball Skills”. If you’ve been recently, you know at the Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camp we give players a series of written assessments for them to fill out and keep. These are great tools to get you started- build on them for your own personal use. If you haven’t been to the Ranch lately I would highly encourage you to look into one of our 3 day Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camps. Our goal at these events is to help each pitcher take control of his training- being able to accurately self-assess is a great starting place.


**If you would like more information regarding our Elite Pitcher’s Boot Camps, click here. Or give us a call at 936-588-6762!


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