Welcome to the Ranch

By: Taylor Morriss


Hi everyone! My name is Taylor Morriss and I am the newest addition to the Texas Baseball Ranch staff. I recently graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University in May with a degree in Kinesiology and minor in General Business. I came to the Wolforths’ in November and asked (begged) them for a chance to work at The Ranch. I have known the Wolforths’ for many years thanks to the connections that select baseball can provide. My younger brother, Alex, and the Wolforths’ son, Garrett, played on various select baseball teams together when they were younger, and back then I was known to Coach Wolforth as Sophia Loren because of my “too-big-for-my-face” sunglasses. Now, years later and still rockin’ big sunglasses, I handle many different projects at TBR. I oversee all of the mailings from information packets to product sales; if you request or order something, I’m the one who mails it out to you! I am also Jill’s assistant, and help her with any and all tasks that she asks me to help with (some easier than others). I also run the Instagram and Snapchat accounts, and I help Samantha with the Facebook account. So if you’ve been to any of our camps since November, I’m the girl running around/standing on furniture taking pictures and videos of you guys! I basically get a new job almost every day (I have thankfully become very versatile), so check in on my next post and see what I’m up to next!:)


Going back to my degree, I graduated with a B.S. in Kinesiology with a desire to help athletes. I didn’t know the details of how or by doing what, but that was the only thing I KNEW I wanted to do. Growing up traveling all the time for Alex’s baseball, I quickly developed comfort in the sports environment. Although I danced all of high school and played softball when I was younger, being an athlete wasn’t quite my calling (my brother acquired all of those genes). So I wanted to work with athletes instead, and learn how to help them achieve the best of their abilities. In my classes, I learned the typical personal trainer, exercise physiologist, and athletic trainer skill sets. Even though I loved taping ankles in my athletic training classes, my favorite classes were the ones where we covered nutrition and psychology (fun fact: I was a psychology major for a short period of time). In my interview with Coach and Jill, I mentioned that I had a strong interest in nutrition, so I (hope to be) coming up with some nutritional guidelines to help you guys out here soon so keep a look out!


I think that about sums up my introductory piece- I don’t think I need to end up making it sound like a dating profile where I tell you I love to travel, read, drink Starbucks and watch movies.


P.S. Follow us on Snapchat and Instagram at txbaseballranch, Twitter @TXBaseballRanch, and on Facebook at Ron Wolforth’s Texas Baseball Ranch:)

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