The Day it All Changed

By: Jonathan Massey


We are all going to have good days, we are all going to have bad days. But we will not know for a very long time which days are which.
                                                                    – Ron Wolforth


That is one of my very favorite of Coach Wolforth’s quotes, or ‘Wolforthisms’ as we like to refer to them at the Ranch. Because I can speak from experience that a day that most would consider a very bad day or possibly the worst day of their playing careers; I actually consider it to be one of the very best days of my career.


I can picture the day like it was yesterday, even though it was over five years ago. After the fall season of my sophomore year in college I received a text message from my head coach asking me to meet with him before practice. My fall season had not gone the way I had hoped for. So as soon as I received that text, I had gut feeling on what the meeting was going to be about. That meeting changed my life because in an a lot nicer way he told me I was not good enough to play at that school and I needed to look elsewhere to play if I wanted to continue my playing career.


Now how is the day I got CUT one of the best days of my life?


It is, not because of the news itself, but because of the way I reacted to the news.


I could have said my coach had it out for me, but I didn’t.


I could have said the training/practice methodology took me backwards, but I didn’t.


I could have used any number of other scapegoats as to the reason I didn’t succeed at this college, but I didn’t.


There is no question that I wanted things to be different. Of course I didn’t want to be cut, but after the meeting I went back to my dorm room that day, looked myself in the mirror, said


“You let you down. You didn’t work hard enough to earn a spot on this team. You are going to have to change if you want to succeed at this level and beyond.”


From that day on I took complete ownership of my career. I can remember coming home from winter break that year and putting in more effort than I had ever had before. At my new school I organized my schedule in a way that would allow me to get my own throwing program in.


From that day forward I was ALL IN on becoming the very best pitcher I could become.


And after 8 years of training, I finally broke through the 90 mph barrier. I promise you that I would not have been able to do that had I never gone through the experience of getting cut.


So, while most would consider getting cut from a team one of the worst things to happen to them, for me it was the exact opposite because it forced me to change into the person I needed to become.


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