Velocity Creation is Formulaic

By Jill Wolforth-


Velocity creation is an extremely popular topic in the baseball arena and for good reason.  It can be a separator.  It can open doors that otherwise might not open. 


We know Increased velocity doesn’t automatically make you a better pitcher but it can buy a player some time while trying to get this ‘pitching thing’ figured out.


So, knowing that velocity enhancement is such a hot topic, and understanding the advantages of being able to throw harder than your competitive peer group, let’s do a deep dive into the subject.


During the parents’ meeting, on the final day of each of our 3-Day Elite Pitchers’ Boot Camps, Coach Wolforth shares an important concept with everyone in attendance…


“Velocity creation is formulaic.  It’s not fancy.  It’s just complex.”


The idea that it’s formulaic should excite everyone.  Too often people think there’s some hidden secret to velocity creation and only a few people have access to it.  That’s simply not true.


On the other hand, some profess you either have it or you don’t; that it’s genetics.  Fortunately that’s not true either.  As we say at the Texas Baseball Ranch®, “Genetics tells us where we start, not where we finish”. 


That’s the good news. 


The bad news is that velocity creation is complex.  It’s not as simple as “Do this weighted ball program and you’ll throw harder” or “Just get stronger and you’ll throw harder”. 


People often ask us, what are the one or two things a player can do to improve his velocity.  That’s simply a very naive question.  Velocity creation is much more encompassing than one or two things. 


With that said, let’s take a look at the formula.


A player must increase/improve the following:

  • Intent to throw hard
  • Skill Specific Strength
  • Skill Specific Mobility (ROM)
  • Neuromuscular Efficiency
  • Synergy / Coordination
  • Contributions from the Posterior Chain
  • Recovery / Ability to Bounce Back
  • More Efficient Wake-up / Warm-up
  • Rest / Fuel / Hydration
  • Clear, Immediate Relevant Feedback


Simultaneously, you must decrease/eliminate the following:

  • Mechanical Inefficiencies
  • Physical Constraints
  • Interference or Confusion
  • Debilitating Influence of Others
  • Pain / Discomfort


There you have it.  Not fancy, is it?  Complex, yes. 


I believe, after taking a look at this formula, one can see how velocity creation would be achieved after following it.  One must simply determine if he is willing to commit to the formula. 


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