Trevor Bauer Trade

Most reading this article know that Trevor Bauer, the #3 overall draft pick in the 2011 Amateur Draft trains here at the Texas Baseball Ranch and has done so since he was a freshman in high school.  He has also been very actively involved in helping at our camps and clinics and has formed a special relationship with our family.

So, when he was traded recently by the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Cleveland Indians, we received quite a few emails and phone calls about it.  There were all kinds of rumors and discussions surrounding the trade and people were wanting to know what we thought of the whole thing.

As a result, Coach Wolforth and I discussed the subject on our weekly radio show “Let’s Talk Baseball”.  You can find the show on Trevor’s trade  I believe we give a different perspective on the trade than shared anywhere else.  Coach ties some baseball history into the topic that really shines a unique light on the subject.

We’ve had a lot of new people introduced to the Texas Baseball Ranch over the past couple of months and many aren’t aware that Coach and I do the weekly radio show/podcast so this is a great time to mention it.  As I say on the show, “We cover hot topics, controversial topics and some topics others don’t even want to touch.  So, whether you’re casual or serious about baseball, we’ve believe we’ve got something to educate and entertain you as only a husband and wife can do.”

You can also find archived shows going back a couple of years.  Some people might be interested on our take of Stephen Strasburg being shutdown.  Well, you can find it in the archives. I believe most will find it quite interesting.

You’ll notice there’s also a classroom segment on every show.  The classroom topic for the program featuring Trevor’s trade is mechanical disconnection and how through simple processes and deliberate practice, any pitcher can improve fastball command AND mechanical efficiency at the same time.

So, even if you’re not interested in the trade discussion, you might check out the shows for the classroom content.  Many people find these their favorite part.  Again you can find everything at   Enjoy!

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