It’s All Perfect…

As I sat down to put together this week’s email, I didn’t have a subject or topic that was really pulling at me to write about.  I keep a notebook with jotted down ideas I think others would find interesting but none of them really moved me this week.  Well, it just so happened I was flipping through my journal last night when I came across a note I made last May and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.

The following comes from the book “The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles”.

I debated whether to preface this first or jump right in.  As you can see, I’m prefacing.  Please read the entire quote before passing your judgment because you might initially be like me saying “What !?, Come on, Seriously?” followed by “Oh, interesting”.

Wattles says the following…

“All’s right with the world.  Nothing can possibly be wrong but my personal attitude and I will make that right.  I will see the facts of nature and all events, circumstances, and conditions of society, politics, government and industry from the highest viewpoint.  It is perfect, though incomplete. (Underline emphasis mine) It is all the handiwork of God.  Behold, it is all very good.”

Read that again.

My thought, “Wow!  It is perfect, though incomplete.”

For someone like me, whose first reaction is often to find something wrong with a situation, this is powerful.  As the saying goes, “The way you view the problem is often the problem”.

Since having come across this message, I can’t tell you how many times my husband has said to me, as I’m allowing myself to be frustrated or worked up about something (many times related to my 15 year old son), “Honey, it’s perfect, just incomplete.”  To which I normally smile and nod my head.

I do believe with this perspective one has a different sense or air about them.  I encourage you to write it down somewhere and reread it often.  I think it will serve as a great reminder.  I know it did for me this week.

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