To Be Elite… Continue to Learn Daily

By Coach Flint Wallace-


I received an email from Brian Knight from earlier this week that I thought was extremely wise. It was titled, “Four Kinds of Daily Practical Learning”, and in it, he states that he pays attention to the following four kinds of daily practical learning:


         1. Starting from something I don’t know.

         2. Improving depth and detail of what I know.

         3. Expanding application and context of what I know.

         4. Changing something I think I know.


He believes by maximizing these learning opportunities, you will accelerate your growth. He also goes on to state that to help you notice daily practical learning situations, you need to ask yourself the following questions:


         1. Do I have a good and thorough understanding of this?

         2. How deeply do I understand how and why this works?

         3. How much do I understand about other things that affect this?

         4. Is what I think possibly inaccurate or incomplete?


I totally agree. I believe we all need to continue to learn and grow on a daily basis, so we should always seek to understand the things that are important to us better and more thoroughly. We strongly need to continue to try and understand the “how” and “why” it works. We have to pay attention to everything that affects it, and we always have to be humble enough to realize that we could be inaccurate or incomplete in our current understanding.


If you get better at something by 12% a year for 5 years, then you will be world class at that endeavor. That is just 1% a month, .25% a week, and .038% a day. So, by always keeping an open mind and seeking more knowledge on what truly matters to us, we can continue to learn and grow on a daily basis. And if you can do that, then you can become elite as long as you continue to learn daily.


Until Next Time… Keep Getting After It!  


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