Thermometer or Thermostat – Which Are You?

By Jill E. Wolforth –


Thermometer vs. thermostat.  I heard this analogy awhile back and then again recently.  This time around it hit me that it was a perfect topic for this week’s Ranch message.


The basic definition of a thermometer is an instrument for measuring the temperature of a room.  It does not impact the temperature, it only reflects it.   It has no control of the environment.


A thermostat on the other hand regulates or determines the temperature of a room.  It is constantly adjusting to the environment rather than being controlled by it.  If the temperature gets too warm, it switches to cool mode and vice versa. It is prepared to react to changes in the environment and then acts accordingly.


So I ask, “Are you more like a thermometer or a thermostat?”


Are you typically at the mercy of your environment letting it control your actions and emotions.  In other words, do you turn over control to outside forces?




Do you take control and make constant adjustments based on what happens around you and to you? 


It’s an important distinction and one to be aware of.  You can apply it to all aspects of your life – family, finances, athletics, leadership, education, etc.  You get the picture.


I encourage you to take on the characteristics of a thermostat this week and beyond.


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