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By Samantha Parrish-


In a casual conversation the other day, a gentleman talked to me about how he was trying to get his 75-year-old father to stop his daily rowing routine. This baffled me, but then I realized we see this all the time.


  • You’re trying to eat healthy and someone says, “a cupcake won’t hurt”


  • You are putting in some extra hours at work and someone calls you a brown noser or an overachiever


  • You are doing some extra work at the ball field and someone tells you you’re the coach’s pet


  • You start to lose weight/ get healthy and you hear, “you need a hamburger”


  • You are heading to the gym, “oh you can skip today”


I think we have all heard versions of this. In fact, it is a lesson that Coach tells the players in an attempt to prepare them for their return to practice. When someone doesn’t want to admit they are working their hardest or they don’t want to have to reflect on their work ethic, they will attack yours.  It is easier to point you out for extra work than to have to evaluate their own efforts.


I tell you this because it is easy to get deterred and distracted by others. There is a reason the saying goes, “put your head down and get to work”; trust your process and don’t let others dictate your path.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your own performance and whatever field you’re in, our goal is to be in the top.  As Coach Wolforth reminds us, “if you do what everyone else does, you’ll get what everyone else gets.”

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