Is It Difficult, Really?

By Jill Wolforth-


Writing these weekly articles often comes down to something personal that I see or incur, and this week’s definitely falls into that category.


We have been extremely busy gearing up for our fall and winter activities, which includes events both at the Texas Baseball Ranch® and on the road, both in the U.S. and abroad. 


As with most everyone’s work, there are a significant amount of details that go into these things both in the planning and execution.   For some reason, this time around, I had allowed myself to get into a state of overwhelm and negative emotion as to how it was all going to get done.


Then, as is often the case, I was reminded that what I was in the middle of was really not that difficult.  Here’s what did it…




That clip was sent to us by one of our summer interns, Tyler Thompson, who is currently a grad assistant at Southeastern Univ. in Lakeland, FL.  During our summer training program, every morning, Coach Wolforth starts with a mindset presentation and Tyler believed so much in the power of those that he shared the above clip, suggesting that it would be a great addition and indeed it will be.


Then to lock in the point, a couple days later, the following crosses my computer…

Wow again.


I think most of us “know” that there are others who have a much more difficult situation than we do or are facing more difficult challenges than we are currently, but we sometimes just need a little reminder. 


If you know someone that could use the reminder this week, please, pass this along.


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At the Texas Baseball Ranch® we guide and support young men and their families as they strive to achieve their baseball goals.  We often serve as the reassuring and steady voice many people need as they face the various challenges baseball so often throws on us.  If you know in your heart there’s something more for you or son your son in baseball,  we encourage you to register for an upcoming Elite Pitchers Bootcamp and join us at The Ranch for a very special weekend.  To learn more or to register, go to


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Attention Coaches:  The Texas Baseball Ranch is known as the premier thought leader in the baseball pitching universe.  That is once again demonstrated with our 19th Annual Ultimate Pitching Coaches Boot Camp featuring Major League Pitching Coaches, Brent Strom from the Houston Astros and Derek Johnson from the Milwaukee Brewers who both are in this year’s playoffs. They are 2 of the 15 presenters at the bootcamp.

If you’re serious about developing not only your pitchers but all your throwers, this is the place to be December 7-9, 2018
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