The Answer to Your Question

By Coach Flint Wallace-


I recently saw a clip from Brian Kight, CEO of Focus 3.  The clip was about if there is an outcome you want in your life that you presently are not getting, it is because you are not good enough, or you simply have not tried.  So, you are good enough, you just have not really tried to achieve it yet.

You ask the question, he already knows the answer.  You give him the excuse, he already knows the answer.  You give him the rebuttal, he already knows the answer.  You give him the constraint, he already knows the answer.

The Answer:

Doesn’t Matter, Get Better!

But my coach doesn’t like me.
Doesn’t matter, get better!

But I don’t throw hard enough.

Doesn’t matter, get better!


I was the number 1 pitcher on the staff last year.
Doesn’t matter, get better!


I am the smallest guy on my team.
Doesn’t matter, get better!


As soon as your focus gets away from getting better, then your growth stops and your progress regresses.  You start going backwards.


If you have not achieved the outcome you want, it is because you are not good enough at this moment.  Plain and simple.


But, It Doesn’t Matter, Get Better!


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