How Did I Get So Lucky?

By Jonathan Massey-


Have you had a moment in life that made you question just exactly how you got there?  I know I have.  Often, I’ve done something really stupid and find myself in a precarious position. 


Right now, it’s 1:20 am and I am sitting in a hotel in Rimini, Italy, and all I can think about is how good the game of baseball has been to me.  I am literally living my dreams, and all I can think is, “how did I get so lucky?”


Baseball was the first organized sport I played when I was 4 years old.  But why baseball?  Why not flag football or soccer?  Well, baseball was Dad’s favorite sport growing up, so for me, there wasn’t really a choice on which sport I was going to play first.  But I could peel back another layer of the onion… it was my Dad’s favorite sport because it was my Grandpa’s favorite sport.  I mean he was a die-hard Cardinals fan his entire life because the Cardinals had a minor league team in Houston when he was growing up.  He then taught the game to my Dad and his brothers who all love the game.  Then my Dad taught it to me.


It’s moments like these that prove to me that there is a greater force at work in my life.  Yes, I know it’s easy to count my blessings when I’m sitting in a hotel in Italy.  But I promise if you can step back and look at the bigger pictures, there are many blessings that you don’t even realize. 


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